Providing software for many Irish casinos online, Playtech is a multi-national powerhouse in the world of online gambling

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Playtech is a phenomenon of strength and stability in the arena of internet gaming corporations, and currently hold the title of the world's largest publicly listed gambling-software provider.

Playtech is proud to be a casino problem-solver, and powers games such as bingo, poker and sports-betting in Ireland and throughout the world. The company also deals with arcade game companies and mobile gaming, as if the online casinos weren't enough.

Playtech prides themselves on ‘thinking outside of the box', and have thus succeeded in creating some of the fastest and most graphically impressive gambling programs in the world, full of special features.

Although less than 10 years old, Playtech is a massive success, ensuring all their customers first-class service and a solid business approach. £1.1 billion. Pretty impressive for only 10 years of work.

Playtech Online Casinos

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