Casino Deposit & Withdrawal Methods for Irish Players 2023

Are you unfamiliar with deposits and withdrawals? Do you find yourself scratching your head whilst depositing or withdrawing funds? Consider these issues a thing of the past. This ultimate guide for online casino deposits and withdrawals has you covered. It covers payment methods, instructions, tips, the best online casinos, and everything else you need to know about quick, safe, and reliable payment methods.


There is an ocean of payment options out there. The majority of which are safe, fast, and easy to use so that you can choose your preferred method freely. You might opt for a common payment option such as PayPal or your credit card, but you might be tempted to explore a slightly alien option that is a perfect fit for you.

You should choose the deposit method that best fits your needs but be mindful of national restrictions. To a certain extent, your country of residence dictates which payment methods a casino can legally offer. Irish online casinos offer a plethora of deposit and withdrawal options. The most popular ones are PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and everyday credit cards.

First impressions matter most, and an online casino with fast, handy, and intuitive payment methods indicates an overall quality experience. You should be able to quickly fund your online casino account with your payment method of choice. Irish players are particularly lucky in this regard. You can readily find a vast array of online casinos with various payment methods that are sure to fit like a glove.

Different online casinos treat various payment methods differently. Casinos, just like players, have their personal preferences that they gravitate to. Their preferences are clearly indicated by the advantages and disadvantages of various payment methods, so take note of these. They might make your payment method especially appealing or take away from its flair.

Credit and debit cards

This is the most common payment method of online casinos since it is also the most widespread one. The transfer of funds from bank accounts to casino accounts is instant and direct. You will have difficulty finding a casino that caters to Irish players and is unwilling to service credit and debit cards. This service is not limited to deposits but also allows for withdrawals. You might consider this self-evident but note that you cannot use every payment feature for both deposits and withdrawals. Note that your funds might take a few days to reach your account.

The Alternatives

Due to basic security concerns, credit and debit cards might not be your go-to. Everyone dreads their financial information getting into the wrong hands online, so hiding it is only natural. One might argue that the cutting-edge security measures of most online casinos make this a silly night terror, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Online casinos are aware of this concern and often offer alternative payment methods, such as e-wallets, that put an intermediary between your accounts.

E-wallets are a rather new phenomenon, so much so that you might be unfamiliar with them. Fret not, OCR has you covered. An e-wallet, such as NETELLER or Skrill, holds accounts that limit your credit card information to one single handler. You do not have to expose your card number to every casino that you visit, only to the wallet that conducts your transactions. Note that e-wallets mimic credit and debit cards and allow for deposits and withdrawals.

Another popular and readily available alternative for Irish players are wire transfers. These are usually only present as withdrawal methods, but some online casino sites accept them as a deposit option. Wire transfers are among the safest options you will encounter, but that safety comes at the cost of speed. Your transaction might be delayed by a few days.


We realize that your first deposit or withdrawal might seem daunting. That is why we compiled this list of simple instructions for happy-go-lucky online casino transactions:

Payment Methods

The following list of the most sought-after Irish deposit and withdrawals methods for online gambling is meant to help you choose your favourite.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are a fat alternative to credit cards and their innate sharing of bank details. The trade-offs are higher fees and longer crediting times.


This option takes away some of the convenience that online gambling entails. You have to visit a physical land-based casino and obtain an online preapproval for your deposit. This naturally allows for more security and trust, but it is not viable for every online casino.

Credit cards

This oldie but goodie is likely to remain one of the safest and most popular banking methods for online gambling transactions. Industry regulations and their widespread accessibility make them an excellent choice.

Debit cards

These cards used to be disliked because of the need for an online banking pin, but that is no longer the case. Mastercard and VISA debit cards are nowadays very popular and can instantly enrich your gaming account.


An online EFT is a third-party service used by Irish players for funding gaming accounts. It is akin to bank transfers. The prompts in the Cashier section will guide you through the funding process.

Mobile payments

This might be the most unexpected form of casino deposit available to the Irish. It caters to those who are unwilling to disclose their banking information and prefer to be billed via phone payments at the end of every month.

Payment intermediaries

Each payment processor has its own set of pros and cons. They tend to work closely with leading payment systems and guarantee reasonably priced effortless, and simplistic online transactions.

Payment gateway

Payment gateways are special agreements that guarantee short turnaround times, the safe transfer of information and low fees. The best online casinos use them for safe and speedy gambling payments.

Prepaid cards

The prepaid cards that are offered to Irish players allow for funding online and offline, but they cannot be used for withdrawals. Your online casino account is enriched with the funds of your prepaid card, but it cannot enrich said card.

Prepaid vouchers

This is, in essence, a form of prepaid card. It comes in the form of a coupon that raises your account’s balance.

Virtual cards

A virtual card is a disposable, usually one-time use, replica of a Mastercard or VISA card. You can use it to easily fund your online casino account as you would with a regular physical card.


This voucher differs from the prepaid one in its reusability. A prepaid voucher is funded once and can only be used once which then leads to it being discarded, while a voucher can be funded by a third-party banking option multiple times and reused at your leisure.


E-wallet solutions are becoming increasingly popular because of their additional safety layer. They are an impregnable fortress for your banking information and limit their disclosure to only one intermediary. eWallets can be used on various sites as regular payment methods.

Popular Payment Methods

Bitcoin casinos

To get one of those offers, follow our step-by-step guide. It may seem straightforward, but we want you to be fully inormed before commiting to signing up. To get one of those offers, follow our step-by-step guide. It may seem straightforward, but we want you to be fully inormed before commiting to signing up.

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The most popular ones happen to be the traditional ones, namely credit and debit cards. These are accepted by the majority of casinos, while niche methods such as e-wallets and direct bank transfers also occasionally make an appearance.

An online casino might tempt you with a bonus pertaining to a certain payment option. This might be enticing but remember that you should stay within your comfort zone. Be familiar with the limitations and options that your payment method entails and find yourself an online casino that caters to your preferences.

If you are playing at a regulated and licensed online casino, then definitely yes. There are draconian measures in place regarding the personal information of players. Your data is encrypted by the latest software and hidden from prying eyes.

That depends on the banking option. You should have a gander at our insights and familiarize yourself with the limitations of each banking option. These limitations might be exclusive to Ireland.

Bitcoin is the Steve McQueen of payment options with a processing time of under an hour. The processing time depends entirely on the withdrawal option and casino. The old guard is, of course, the congregation of snails, with up to seven business days. A good middle ground are E-wallets with up to 3 business days.

Be mindful of transaction fees, processing speeds and exchange rates. These pitfalls are especially common during international transactions.

Yes, definitely. We arm you with all the information that you might need in this regard. Tools such as EFTs, prepaid vouchers and even cash deposits are immaculate alternatives.

Yes, definitely. This is actually such a prevalent and popular method that we decided to dedicate an entire section to online Bitcoin gambling. It covers the best casinos and game bonuses for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If this topic tickles your fancy, then we highly recommend said section.

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