Top Online Casinos VIP & High Roller Bonuses in 2023

Online casinos reserve big rewards for their high rollers and those in their VIP programs. Loyal players can expect exciting offers, special perks, exclusive tourneys, and comp points that are rewarded after big deposits and wagers on casino games. Become familiar with how you can join a VIP program that will open the doors to VIP bonuses, free spins, premium support and more. Discover a list of the top high roller online casino bonuses with reviews and rankings.


There are some obvious general differences between online and land-based casinos. However, there are a few similarities. One such similarity that is very apparent is connected to high rollers, so players that have an inclination for larger than average stakes and betting larger sums of money at any given time. These players are coveted and beloved by all kinds of casinos, online and offline.

The perks of online casinos have an elite guard that is reserved for high rollers and represents the most lucrative and generous offers available. They may be similar to casino bonuses offered to regular players, but these bonuses intended for high rollers keep special perks that your average Joe will never even glance at.

Big Chips Boosts for Big Casino Spenders

The difference between regular and high roller bonuses that most people will immediately notice is the enormous amounts of money up for grabs. Your average player will be offered a bonus worth €50 to €200. This can fluctuate based on the casino bonus in question, but they usually mimic the average level of play.

High rollers, on the other hand, can expect much more generous and hefty sums, usually ranging from low to medium three figures. Bigger players, especially Irish ones, can expect a match bonus of a whopping €100 or more without much commotion. These special offers match their special level of play. However, those who wager €10+ on slot spins or €100 per hand of blackjack might find a €200 bonus rather slim.

An interesting peculiarity is that these high roller bonuses usually come with lower match percentages. A regular player can usually expect a 100 or 150% match on their deposits. High rollers will, on the other hand, usually get a 50% bonus for much higher sums. A casino can thus persuade big players to deposit more money to make full use of the offer.

A player accustomed to high stakes might find depositing between the ranges of €5000 and €2500 to be rather normal. You can bet that they can definitely afford it, so larger deposits are nothing new to them. The mentioned high roller bonuses, therefore, form an extra incentive that stimulates behaviour that would have taken place either way.

Fun fact! You can easily find various VIP exclusive rewards, such as exclusive tournaments and personal customer service within VIP casino programs.

High Roller Bonuses and Their Wagering Requirements

Online casinos, like any other institution, take special care of their biggest spenders and love to spoil them. This is not limited just to the larger amounts of bonus money that they grant. It also shows itself with lower wagering requirements. A regular player might be surprised by the fact that a high roller bonus can have a turnover of only 20 or even 15 times.

Some casinos might not be very glad to dish such amazing offers out, but they all understand that a high roller is a completely different kind of player. This type of player needs to be valued and respected. Failing to do so might cost them their business. The internet provides a vast array of amazing options, so big players can find an online casino with better playing conditions faster than you can say ‘wager’.

Online casinos will, therefore, often meet big players halfway on wagering requirements and try to keep their morale high. A casino is well aware that those who want to gamble larger sums are not interested in a hit-and-run. They are in it for the long run. This strategy can prove itself useful in the long run.

High rollers are fully aware of this fact, and they know all too well that no amount of bonuses and extra money can prevent them from leaving a solid chunk of their cash behind. They do, however, have slightly better chances of a lucky run based on certain offers. This can even lead to massive, six or even seven-figure wins.

Best Casinos Offering VIP Bonuses

Some online casinos do not have the equipment or interest to offer high roller bonuses. Furthermore, focusing on high-stakes players has innate risks attached to it, and you can easily see why certain sites want nothing to do with it. Punters that are on the search for VIP bonuses should target casinos that focus on VIP players and that take care of their needs.

You will often find that these casinos belong to established operators that have the means and knowledge to offer a vast array of high roller bonuses that adhere to the needs and wants of their VIP clientele while not being as dull as their competition.

Fret not. These casinos can easily be found, and the majority of their high roller bonuses will be marketed in such a way that players can find them without much hassle and easily claim them on their own. Furthermore, the well-entrenched ones have extensive lists of former higher rollers and will, on occasion, contact them with unique VIP offers that aim to pull them back into the action.

Get the Best Deals Possible

We highly advise that you always have a gander at the full terms and conditions of a high roller offer prior to claiming it. Should any issues arise, feel free to chat quickly with customer support and voice your concerns. Big players from Ireland are targeted by a vast array of amazing offers, so there is plenty of incentive for players, and they can easily snag the best and most favourable deals currently on the market.

Be mindful of game restrictions. Despite the straightforward terms of VIP bonuses, you might still find yourself facing game restrictions. A lot of high rollers like to pick and choose as they please and do not opt for bonuses that bar table games, especially if roulette or blackjack are their preferred ones.

It is also worth mentioning that the bonus is actually what it claims to be. Casinos will occasionally offer high roller bonuses that can only be played with but evaporate as soon as you exit the wagering. These so-called 'play-only' offers are definitely not your best options since they do not even come close to the actual value of a proper high roller bonus. The latter allows the player to keep the remainder of a bonus after wagering is done and dusted.

Claiming a High Roller Bonus

You will find that the procedure of claiming a VIP bonus offer is akin to that of a regular online casino. There will be the occasional prompt to use a special bonus code in order to trigger a specific offer, but other than that, it should be smooth sailing from the point of choosing a bonus from a plethora of options onward.

However, there is one cardinal rule to all of this. High roller bonuses expect players to make hefty deposits in order to use these offers. The minimum tends to be €500 at once, and it can occasionally be even more than that. The latter depends entirely on the offer and casino in question.

Exclusive Bonuses for High Rollers

Irish players that are after the coveted titles of high rollers are occasionally invited by online casinos to test out exclusive offers. This may demand contacting customer support and getting further clarification.

You might be put off by this extra effort, but the high roller bonuses that you can thus acquire are some of the best ones on offer. When a casino invites you to chat, they reveal a certain amount of wiggle room and willingness to meet your needs.

Casinos have a gift for spotting valuable players, and they will often go the extra mile to reach an agreement that surpasses generic high roller bonuses. These niche scenarios demand a brief chat and hearing the other party out. This is true only if you are the type of person who loves to gamble at a high level and is interested in the exclusive high roller deals possibly on the table. You can always move on if it is not your cup of tea, and there is no obligation to opt into a deal that is not to your liking. Your choice should not be influenced by the representative that is your interlocutor.

Making The Most of High Roller Bonuses

The average VIP player knows exactly how to milk a special offer for all that it is worth. But you can bet that it never hurts to hear advice and make the most of your money. The large sums of cash that these high roller bonuses can elevate funds to, can give you longer playtimes and more chances at having nice wins. Their options also trump those of regular players.

You will find the wagering requirements to be much more user-friendly, and a high roller will not be incentivized to take significant risks. A bonus of €2000 in addition to your €4000 deposit might limit the wagers only to about €30,000. There is, therefore, no need to go overboard with the bets. In fact, you have a solid chance of clearing the wagering and banking a portion of the bonus money whilst only playing €10 per spin.

All of this leads to low-variance slots and how they are an innately good idea. You will find some of these games to be restricted when accessing them with bonus money, but there will still be a vast array of solid options. Get your hands on a game that plays well as a baseline, and make sure it offers frequent minor to medium wins. You might be done with wagering within a few hours and get a hold of a decent amount of bonus funds. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of a big win popping up along the way.

Are VIP Bonuses Worth It?

High roller bonuses have many appealing aspects when juxtaposing them with regular casino offers. But the paradox here is that they rarely provide an actual upside for the player. You can expect the casino to reserve an edge for themselves, even if it is minuscule compared to everyday bonuses.

Using high roller bonuses to make money is, therefore, impossible. This also means that you should not extend yourself and deposit beyond your means to snag a high roller offer meant for non-high rollers. This will lead to losses in the long run and only take away from your experience.

But this does not mean that high-stakes players from Ireland should not consider these VIP bonuses. While it is true that some players do not like the restrictions of bonus funds, a reasonable offer can help increase longevity and give you more shots at hitting big. A person making regular larger deposits that is used to playing high stakes can afford losses, and extra money is there just to add wiggle room whilst a massive slot hit, or big bonus is being pursued!

Pros & Cons

Huge cash bonuses
Superior wagering requirements
Higher withdrawal caps
Quicker payout processing
Only available to larger deposits

Getting Started

You might have the necessary cash to deposit and claim a high roller bonus. If this is the case, we advise that you use one of our recommended online casinos to do so. You will surely find one that fits you perfectly and supports your playstyle.

1 Locate a high-roller online casino

Certain online casinos do not have high roller bonuses, and they do not focus on players with heavy wallets. It is, therefore, vital to find a site that will go above and beyond to reward you.

2 Grab a high roller bonus

You might find a high roller bonus linked to requirements that have to be met before you can claim it. These can include a mandatory first deposit exceeding a certain amount or having to wager more than a certain sum on certain games. This information should be readily available on the promotional page.

3 Learn the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can change drastically when claiming a high roller bonus. Do not forget to read them prior to playing. Note that wagering requirements, withdrawal options and more tend to be tailored to high rollers.

Calculate Your Casino Bonus

Casinos Bonus Min. Deposit WR Payment Methods Claim Bonus
CryptoZpin Casino
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€1000 40x (Bonus & Deposit)

18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Kosmonaut Casino
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€1000 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Cherry Spins Casino
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€200 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Playamo Casino


18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€1000 50x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Slotum Casino
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€500 50x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.

Types of Bonuses

Some bonuses stand out, even when it comes to those meant for high rollers. Your chosen venue or how much you spend can greatly impact your available high roller bonuses. The following are the most common high roller bonuses that you can get your hands on.

Match Bonus

A match bonus will see a casino equate your deposit to a certain amount. A deposit offer with a 100% match up to €5000 will equate a deposit up to that amount. High rollers are thus given a chance to play with more money whilst depositing only once.

Percentage Bonus

It is not uncommon for casinos to provide a percentage bonus as a sort of additional reward. A percentage bonus of 50% up to €10,000 will give a high roller €10,000 as a reward for depositing €20,000.

Bundle Bonus

A bundle bonus is a gift that keeps on giving for a longer period. An example of this process is depositing and claiming a match bonus today, coming back tomorrow and depositing again with the use of another match deposit offer. The bundle might even allow you to cash in on another promotion with a match deposit offer of smaller proportions. A bonus the likes of this can even extend and offer larger and smaller rewards as deposits progress.

Package Bonus

A package bonus tends to be the best use of your funds. High rollers can enjoy package bonuses that boast large deposit match offers, hundreds of free spins, and bonus cash meant for table games. The type of package offered is based entirely on your chosen casino.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are also known as playthrough requirements. WR are part of the terms and conditions for a no deposit bonus. Wagering requirements are multiplier rules associated with the promotion. It indicates precisely how many times Players must rollover the bonus before they can withdraw any funds.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirement

A $20 no deposit bonus subject to a 30X wagering requirement means that players must wager their bonus amount a total of 30 X ($600 in bets) before cashing out any payouts. Any attempt to withdraw without meeting the playthrough requirement will invalidate the bonus + payouts in the account.

What portion of the offer is subject to wagering requirements?

The portion of the offer that is subjected to wagering requirements is usually indicated in the bonus terms and conditions. Wagering requirements can be applied to both deposit match bonuses and free spins bonuses, and in some cases, wagering requirements may also be applied to your deposit amount.


Being clever is vital for high rollers. The chance of losing large sums of money should not be taken lightly, and it is the reason why we are providing these tips aimed at claiming a high roller bonus.

High Roller VS Regular Bonus

We should have a glance at the differences between high roller bonuses and standard ones.

High Roller Bonus Regular Casino bonus
Big deposit bonuses Smaller and easier to manage bonuses
Smaller required wagers Wagering requirements are way bigger.
Additional free spins are worth more. Free spins have capped values.

How We Rate

How Our Experts Rate Online Casinos and Gambling Sites: Reviewing casinos is what we do best, and we always make sure that we cover the vital information and essential factors. When considering which online casino to choose, we’ll provide you with the most up to date information on a casino’s security measures, payouts, player feedback about the casino, and much more. Take a look at the graph below for more info.

Aspects taken into account when rating is calculated

Our expert reviews will lend a helping hand to finding the best and most rewarding online casinos. By noting a casino’s game library, banking options, customer support, and all of the most important factors to consider when choosing a casino, our expert reviewers put the power in your hands.
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Our Favorite Casino

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National Casino

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Over 500 games available

Excellent reputation since its foundation.

You can play games in demo mode.

Friendly customer support by live chat.

Wide range of currencies.

Free demo options for playing for fun.

Payout Speed
2 - 3 Days
3D Games
Auto Play
Branded Games
Free Games
7 more
Payment Methods

100% Match Bonus up to €100 + 100 Free Spins

Welcome Bonus

18+ Only, T&C Apply.


The average high roller bonus will provide more extra cash that comes with lower and easier-to-reach wagering requirements.

The overall process usually does not differ between casino bonuses. The main difference tends to be the amount of money that you need to input in order to trigger these bonuses. This is linked to the larger deposits of high roller bonuses.

The ones that have been around for a longer time tend to be the best when it comes to high roller offers. They do not mind risks, they do whatever they need to for their big players, and they wrap up their satisfaction with quality support.

It is definitely not worth breaking the bank and greatly exceeding your deposit limits in order to snag a high roller bonus. Despite offering better conditions, they tend not to be profitable, and you should not expect to make money from them.

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