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OnlineCasinoReports Ireland would like to extend a very warm welcome to you, our treasured reader. Join us on an exciting journey spanning everything from online casino and gambling site guides to knowledgeable, objective and helpful reviews and libraries of information.

The design of our website is focused on Irish players, and the content that OCR prepared for you spans the latest iGaming news, reviews and game guides. But who are we? What is our mission, and why should you trust us? Learn all this and more on this page!

Our Mission

We at OnlineCasinoReports love online gaming and everything surrounding it, and we want to introduce you to this exciting world of gambling fun. While showing you the best online casinos and iGaming sites based on your specific needs and wants sounds simple enough, it requires 20 years of dedicated research, professional development, trial and error and a lasting love for our craft. We do not settle for mediocrity, and we want to make your OCR experience as enjoyable as possible, which is why we have localised our expert reviews, industry insights, detailed guides, latest news and booming discussion forums into an array of languages. The forum is especially interesting since it allows you to connect with fellow punters the world over.

But our pursuit of convenience does not end there. We also provide you with amazing tools that help you find the best casino partner and offers based on your needs. These filters allow you to fine-tune your search and find exactly what you are looking for. By swooping away hundreds or even thousands of offers, you save yourself an enormous amount of time and get to cherry-pick your favourite promotions. The latter practice aligns your experience to your budget, free time and game preferences.

We realise that some of you might not be veteran or professional punters, which is why we offer an assortment of guides that simplify games and allow you to learn them at your own pace. The combination of clear text and useful graphics will make you sound and act like a veteran in minutes.

Our Principle

Everything is better when done with love, and we at OnlineCasinoReports are well aware of that. Our passion for the online gambling industry shines through our content, and it will surely spill over into an enjoyable, safe and responsible gaming experience for you. We have stayed loyal to this principle for the last twenty years thanks to the following guidelines:

  • Our readers come first. Your feedback means the world to us and always comes first.
  • Our content is produced by independent and objective experts.
  • Readers never have to pay for content, and they can easily access it.
  • OnlineCasinoReports does not have shared ownership and is independently operated.
  • The iGaming sites that we recommend have no influence over us.
  • Our review boards and auditors and completely independent.
  • The casino and game reviews that we provide are unbiased content from experts.
  • Our 12-point process is the basis for recommending iGaming sites.

Our Guarantee

You, our dear reader, are the reason that we can do what we love, and we are immensely thankful for your trust. We know that trust can never be mended once broken, and we make a point of keeping all of our content objective, transparent and independently researched. We guarantee that our news articles, site reviews, game release alerts and guides provide you with the latest information gathered from reliable sources and compiled in-house.

Our Team

But what really makes us stand out from the rest at the end of our day is our team. Their in-depth knowledge is second to none, and it is what allows us to outshine our competitors. OnlineCasinoReports, therefore, makes a point of extenuating its industry knowledge with select industry experts that have a blossoming love for online gambling. Our review and content boards have more than 20 years of iGaming experience, and the research, writing and vetting that they conduct is of the highest level. All of this trickles down to each review and piece of content that we provide you with.

However, there are some niche topics that require special outside input. The latter include cutting-edge technologies such as cryptocurrencies and gambling regulations. This is where gifted guest posters come into play and provide us with their expert knowledge on the subjects.

What we do

Cobbling together multiple news sources can lead to disaster, which is why we provide you with everything that you need to know about online gambling in one place. Do not miss a beat with this intelligent, safe, fast and informative approach to exploiting the various opportunities of the online gambling scene.

The backbone of this resource is a Draconian iGaming site rating system that has been evolving and improving for more than 20 years. The product of this dedication and work is a detailed understanding of what a brand has to offer based on an objective and comprehensive 12-point system. While others might only look at the game library, we expand our horizons and consider the site’s reputation, banking processes, online security, fair play and all the other aspects that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of any site.

The world of gaming produces truckloads of breaking news, bonus information, game releases, gaming legislation updates and brand mergers announcements daily. Our dedicated experts then sift through this assortment of information and produce condensed news articles, thorough guides and other enjoyable content that helps you stay on top of the latest trends and developments.

But our treasure trove of helpful content does not end there. We operate a booming forum that is jam-packed with useful information straight from the gaming community itself. Read about the exploits of your gaming comrades and see how they were treated by various casinos, what they think of breaking industry news and see if there are any insights that can show you where the industry is headed.

More than two decades of dedication have produced a combination of objectivity, independence and expertise that, when combined with data verification and a focus on user experiences, culminates in an assortment of useful information that helps you make the best gambling decisions possible.

Our Story

The world of online gambling has been firing on all cylinders for a while now. The industry is going through drastic changes both in trends and technology on an almost yearly basis, which is something that we at OnlineCasinoReports love to see but also raises some concerns. How can players wrap their heads around an ever-expanding and changing industry without reliable information from somebody who truly loves their craft?

This is where the basis for our labour of love, first emerging in 1997, comes from. An initial desire to keep casino fans up to date with casino launches and their best offers evolved into a detailed site back in 2002. This site was jam-packed with useful guides, objective brand reviews and the hottest industry news and developments around.

However, sleeping on success eventually leads to your downfall, which is why we decided to refresh and enrich our service with a new look in 2005. This updated version of OnlineCasinoReports focused on making online casino content, along with useful features, more readily available. The culmination of these two aspects resulted in easier decision-making for our valued readers.

And then the boat was rocked by a figurative whale, the UIGEA, in 2006. Online gambling suddenly found itself on a global stage and was not limited just to the US. OnlineCasinoReports stayed on top of the trends and made it through this storm.

2008 saw the release of a new site design. This iteration introduced search tools, filters, a player forum and localised content. It was a real renaissance.

We stood out by providing you with the chance to review online casinos. These reviews focused on the often-overlooked aspects such as the available languages, casino bonus currencies, partnered software providers and other tidbits. It soon became clear that regional information was a necessity, which propagated the expansion of 2014.

OnlineCasinoReports is now, with a whopping 75 localised gambling sites, on the front lines of online gambling. Each site provides its readers with the very best and most detailed information regarding promotions, banking options, reviews, and industry and game release news. All of this content is focused on the market in question.

But we have stayed hungry and ambitious. This is apparent in our 2022 launch of the latest version of OnlineCasinoReports. The latter is focused on mobile platforms, along with providing improved search and filter tools that have the capacity to compare up to five casinos at once.

Note that our search features now encompass brand names, game categories, progressive jackpots, casino guides and bonuses.

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