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We kindly recommend that you read through our cookie and privacy policy to see what constitutes cookies and what use they have for us.

Those visiting our site (referred to as 'you', 'your' or 'user/s') ought to be familiar with our Privacy and Cookie Policy, which we will refer to as 'privacy policy' or 'this document' for the duration of this page. We (referred to as 'onlinecasinoreports.ie’, ‘the company’, ‘we’, ‘us’) know that transparency is king when it comes to the users of our website (referred to as the ‘website’, ‘our site’). The latter is especially true when collecting and processing information is concerned.

You will come across ads and/or links that lead to third-party sites and/or content. The latter have their own privacy and cookie policies that ought to be read and adhered to separately. We suggest that users take this to heart and do their due diligence prior to forwarding personal and/or other information.

A visit to our website confirms adherence and acceptance of the processes that this document concerns. The latter includes the collection and processing of your information.

What Information Do We Collect?

The only information that we collect is non-personal. What does this mean? Well, non-personal information is information that cannot be used to identify you. This includes your devices' information broadcast, the likes of usage information and technical data pertaining to your IP address. Furthermore, it considers which software, hardware, and operating system you used when exploring our website. The latter also touches on in which language and at what time you decided to access the website. Lastly, we also take into account activity and engagement that is then used for service optimisation.

Cookie Policy

The purpose of cookies is to distinguish visitors and provide each user of our site with the best experience possible. A downstream effect of this is enhanced website design and performance.

What are cookies?

These are not physical treats but rather digital files that are stored on your device and used to keep track of your previous sessions. This collage of information allows us to optimise your experience by remembering your preferences and enabling your preferred features.

The following types of cookies and their brief explanations should shine a light on why and how we use them:

Session Cookies - These temporary files exist during your browsing and are truncated once you end your session. They are required for the proper functioning of our site, and having them disabled might hinder the website's performance.

Persistent Cookies - These are intended for longer use by the company, and their lifespan differs depending on their creator. Companies tend to keep this info on record for about a year.

The web traffic of onlinecasinoreports.ie is forwarded to specialised third-party analytics companies that analyse user interactions and monitor our website. Note that we do not partake in the creation or maintenance of the policies that these companies enforce. Their respective cookies fall into the following categories:

  • Analytical/Performance cookies: The collected data is entirely anonymous, but it does show us specific site interactions, such as which parts were accessed, how long attention was retained and the order in which this occurred. This information helps improve user experiences.
  • Functionality cookies: The purpose of this type of cookie is to keep track of visitors and enable their preferences by saving them based on their previous interactions.
  • Targeting cookies: These are slightly more vectored cookies that deal with page and link access. Their goal is to make the website as relevant to your interests as possible.

Your continued usage of our website means that you accept and comprehend the types of cookies that we use. Furthermore, it is understood as a confirmation of the aforementioned tracking technology. Note that the outlined cookies do not pertain to personal or identifiable information.

Should you desire to disable cookies, you can do so by visiting the 'settings' segment of your browser and its 'privacy and security' subsection. There you will find 'cookies and other site data' that will allow you to partly or fully block cookies. Note that this might impact the performance of our site.

Third-party links

You will occasionally find third-party links on this site. These sites have independent privacy policies that you ought to read in-depth. Our policy does not cover the collection policies of other sites. Moreover, we take no responsibility for the actions of the websites that we refer you to. All links displayed on our site are followed at your own discretion, and any risk you incur are on you. We are not responsible for damages that arise from the data collection of these sites or the information that is shared with them.

The Usage of Collected Information

We use the information that we collect from you for the following:

  • Maintenance and security upgrades to our site.
  • Evaluating content and its relevance.
  • Research and analytical purposes.
  • Adherence to laws and regulations.
  • Adherence with governmental requirements or for court proceedings or relevant legal processes.

Sharing Collected Information

We might disclose certain collected information from onlinecasinoreports.ie with third parties the likes of:

  • Agencies specialising in research, analytics or technical diagnostics.
  • GetResponse: A US-based mailing application provider that takes care of our newsletter.
  • Potential investors, buyers, auditors and advisers within the company when such action benefits the company. Note that our subsidiaries or affiliates may also get hold of this data.
  • Potential buyers or sellers of assets or businesses might be provided with such company information during merger and sale proceedings. Note that those interested in buying any business or asset may also be given an insight into such data.

Third-party information processing, as we have outlined, is in adherence with the security obligations that this privacy policy focuses on. Such processes are also under the influence of applicable laws.

Miscellaneous Disclosures

Other instances of information disclosure include:

  • Government or law enforcement agency requests.
  • Enforcement of intellectual property or similar legal rights.
  • The subversion of illegal activity, security breaches and/or similar unpleasant behaviour.
  • The application of internal policies.
  • Legal action concerning our partners or us.
  • When the rights and/or safety of this company, our users and third-party companies is threatened.

Information Retention

Usage of our sign indicates that you have read and understood the privacy policy that we have put forth in this document. Furthermore, it indicates that you accept information retention and processing terms. We, in turn, guarantee that collected data is used in accordance with the terms described in this document. Furthermore, we ensure that the relevant data is stored safely and securely and shared sparingly with relevant third parties as described above.

Information Security and Transfer

Our unrelenting desire to keep your privacy safe demands the usage, updating and maintenance of security processes. These are in line with the leading industry standards both in terms of policies and procedures. The combination of these guarantees data safety and security while also preventing the unauthorised usage of your info. Despite our best attempts at keeping your information safe, we simply cannot guarantee the absolute prevention of unlawful access and exploitation of such information or any of our services.

Data transfer and, with it, the transfer of your information via the internet is not 100% secure, and this cannot be overcome by the efforts of our site. We, therefore, cannot ensure that data transferred to or from our site is completely secure. Internet-based interactions are subsequently taken at your own risk.

Our site's global presence means that your information might be sent to countries within and outside the confines of the European Union. Countries outside of the European Union might have data protection laws that are less detailed than European Union ones. However, we take every step necessary to guarantee an up-to-par level of protection for all non-personal data that we collect from you. Continued usage of this site confirms that you consent to data transfer as defined within this document.


Visitors that are below the age of eighteen or otherwise considered minors by local laws should not continue to use this site or its services. Continued usage confirms that you are of age, understand and consent to the contents of this document. Furthermore, you confirm that this site is not responsible should this not be the case.

Account Closure

Those who decide to become users of this site are allowed to delete their accounts and have their information deleted from our systems. Doing so will require an email request.

Unsubscribing from our newsletters - if you have decided that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, simply open one of the emails and click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Privacy Policy Updates

We highly recommend revisiting and rereading this privacy policy. It may occasionally experience revision and updating of various sorts. Our website always hosts the latest version of this document, and our email and/or newsletter will let you know of significant changes.

Continued usage of our site after receiving a notification of changes to this document is an indicator of your consent to the aforementioned changes and their acknowledgement.

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