Top Casinos Cashback Bonuses in 2023

Everyone loves being supported, and you will have a hard time finding a more supportive casino feature than the cashback bonus. If you find yourself in the midst of a losing streak, simply claim a cashback bonus offer and get back a part of your wagers. This guide will provide you with the latest and best casino cashback bonuses that are ranked and reviewed. Moreover, you will also find tips on maximizing cashback bonuses and what it takes to start using them.


The humble cashback bonus is a truly unique member of the casino bonus club. This bonus is given after events unfold, which is completely different to other offers that Irish players tend to snag up. This means that they come into play after you gamble and lose money at an online casino. The latter fact might not appeal to everyone, but it is still wise to be informed about its pros and cons.

Cashback bonuses, in accordance with their name, give players back a part of the cash that they lose. The prerequisite for this is staking money and losing it. This also makes these offers dependent on depositing and playing. Despite the fact that some players might be annoyed by their nature or generally put off by them, they can occasionally come in very handy.

The Basics of Cashback Bonuses

Veteran players have certainly encountered cashback offers, and some have even partaken in them at their favourite online casinos. However, there are those players from Ireland that are new to the world of online gaming or simply unfamiliar with cashback bonuses. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide these prospective punters with all of the information that they might require. This does, however, not mean that this page is useless for experienced players. Revising your knowledge can prove useful in unexpected ways.

A cashback bonus is basically a bonus that is based on the player’s losses within a certain timeframe or deposit. A few examples of standard cashback offers include:

  • A 100% return of losses up to €50 for a deposit of at least €200.
  • 5% return up to €100 on losses sustained during the weekend.
  • 25% returns up to €50 losses for a certain slot.

The common denominator of these cashback bonuses is the fact that players need to deposit and play in order for the bonus to even be issued. You also need to lose in order to snag this bonus and cannot expect cashback if you consistently win, which might seem a bit counterintuitive.

The fact that you need to lose money first will definitely put some players off since it is a bit defeatist. However, these cashback offers can be perceived as safety nets. If you are lucky enough to win, you pay no mind to the small bonus. But if you are unlucky and lose (which will be the staple of most online casino sessions), you will be able to lick your wounds with some returned cash.

Cashback Bonuses Terms and Wagering Requirements

We can easily see that there is no pragmatic reason to dislike cashback bonuses. They are a lifeline that you can grab hold of when things turn sour and you lose your deposit. You will certainly not scoff at extra money that allows you to try your luck once more for free or even withdraw a bit more (if this is even possible) and thus mitigate your losses.

Wagering requirements are an innate part of all casino bonuses, and it is wise to be familiar with the expectations of cashback offers. The majority of casinos will provide friendly wagering requirements for cashback bonuses. This is based on the fact that players have already risked a fair bit, and there is no reason to cause additional headaches with hefty wagering.

Irish players will often be allowed to payout their cashback bonus money after one wager. You might even be surprised by the opportunity to immediately cash out your funds. This can save you from restrictions and other complications.

You might occasionally chance upon wagering requirements, but these will usually be substantially lower than those of regular welcome or reload bonuses. A cashback offer, more often than not, has wagering close to the ten times bonus. These cashback offers are, therefore, user-friendly and worth claiming.

Qualifying for a Cashback Bonus

We have already mentioned that depositing is the first step to qualifying for a cashback bonus. You might roll your eyes at this as it is an integral part of every bonus, but do not forget that you have to play a certain amount prior to claiming this type of bonus. This amount is integral to what the casino issues.

You will also have to get your hands on a cashback offer that has cashback options for all deposits. This might prove difficult since some casinos do not feature them. The list of available options includes:

  • Cashback bonuses for the weekend
  • Happy hour cashbacks
  • Cashback offers are limited to a certain game
  • VIP cashback bonuses linked to certain requirements

You will have several different ways of getting hold of a cashback bonus. This is especially true for online casinos in Ireland that do not skim on their promotional departments. You will find the terms of return to be quite similar yet structured slightly differently.

One example are the coveted weekend cashbacks that casinos use to target the traditionally busy weekends. This bonus that is active on the site for the entirety of a weekend is aimed at heightening player retention. It can also serve as a pleasant safety net for those who already planned on playing during the weekend.

Another lure of online casinos are happy hour cashback bonuses that come into play during a certain part of the day. An example of the latter would be a happy hour in the time slot between 20 and 21 o'clock. This type of bonus will return a certain amount of the losses that you experience during this particular timeframe. The latter clearly nudges players to play at those particular times.

A benefit of cashback offers that we must mention is exploration. Players get to test new games, such as new slots that offer cashback on the first few hundred spins. A player can thus take a game for a test drive without being too anxious about losses since they can expect to get a portion of them back. The bottom line of these offers is an exciting increase of the RTP of slots during a certain timeframe that can even lead to profitability.

Being Familiar with VIP Cashback Bonuses

Casinos compound the usual cashback offers with special bonuses intended specifically for VIP players. These tend to diverge from traditional bonuses, and they form long-term offers that players can use over and over. The prerequisite for obtaining these bonuses is a certain VIP level.

Most Irish online casinos will have a VIP scheme on offer, and players will get access to better and better perks and promotions as they climb the steps of said scheme. The one perk out of this lot that currently holds our interest is the special cashback offer.

One form of the cashback offer is a 5% cashback for VIP players that is capped at a certain sum. This sum fluctuates based on VIP level and your chosen casino. However, players can, in general, expect to receive a few hundred back each week.

You will find these cashback bonuses accompanied by shockingly low wagering requirements or even free of wagering requirements. VIP players are therefore cared for, and they definitely get something in return for their loyalty and input. Please note that eligibility for this type of cashback usually requires a solid amount of play and tends to be quite financially demanding.

Cashback Offers in Place of Welcome bonuses

It is only natural for different players to have different aspirations, expectations and demands. Online casinos are fully aware of this, and they try to align their offers with these peculiarities from the get-go.

An increasing number of Irish casinos allows for players to choose between your run-of-the-mill welcome bonus, so a lump sum upon depositing, and a cashback bonus that is a recurring return for the duration of a player's carrier on a certain site.

You will find that these tend to be quite similar to VIP cashback offers, with slightly lower percentages and maximum returns. An example of the latter is the following. Let us say that you have the choice between a 100% bonus of up to €200 and a 5% weekly cashback. If you choose the latter, you will get cash back on all your losses up to a certain amount, usually €100.

There are no wrong choices, and the player should decide what is best for him/her. A casual player that plays on and off might find a traditional welcome bonus to be better and a welcome instant boost to his or her bankroll. This increased bankroll can give them more shots at possibly winning. However, a regular player of a certain online casino might opt for a cashback bonus because of its larger long-term returns.

Finding and Claiming the Best Cashback Bonuses

Our mission is to always provide players with information regarding the best and latest cashback offers aimed at players from Ireland. You can choose from a vast array of online casinos, which naturally entails numerous available offers. Sifting through these might prove exhausting, which is why we take it upon ourselves to point out the best cashback offers.

There is no reason for you to personally follow hundreds of online casinos. Never mind that it is impossible in terms of time. This can cause a poorly advertised or just a regular bonus to be completely missed out on.

We, therefore, advise that you regularly check your inbox for incoming offers that are advertised by your favourite casinos. You can expect most operators to put a lot of effort into informing their existing players about promotions even if their public marketing may be lacking.

Another great tip is to check the promotions subsection of your chosen casino site on the regular. You can expect cashback bonuses to have a time limit and can elude you, so keep your eyes peeled during the week if you intend on playing during the weekend. Have a gander at your favourite casinos and see if there are any special cashback promotions being sown. You will be able to pluck a few cashback bonuses and thus boost your account balance, which will, in turn, give you more playtime and enjoyment.

Pros & Cons

Certain returns on your wagers and deposits
Usually free of wagering requirements
Easily claimed and enjoyed
Capped bonuses
Unavailable at certain venues

Getting Started

Partaking in a cashback bonus is easy and rewarding. The following special steps will help you claim a special offer of this calibre.

1 Choose the right casino

A lot of online casinos do not provide cashback bonuses since they feel as if they make losing rewarding. Have a gander at our list of recommended online casinos and pick the one with the best cashback bonuses.

2 Claim a cashback bonus

You will find claiming a cashback bonus to be surprisingly easy. Claim an offer and start playing. Follow any necessary instructions regarding wagering on a particular casino game, and make sure that you do not throw anything away.

3 Do not skip the terms and conditions

It is vital that you are fully aware and mindful of the terms and conditions of a cashback bonus prior to claiming it. You can face numerous limitations, such as the games that you can play, the amount that you can deposit and the timeframe in which you have to wager before the offer evaporates.

Types of Bonuses

The only complication when it comes to cashback bonuses is the manner in which they are claimed. This depends on the cashback bonus in question, and the following are the most common forms of this online casino bonus.

Time-based Cashback Bonuses

These are entirely dependent on a certain period of time. This timeframe limit requires you to claim a cashback bonus and complete the wagering requirements within a certain timeframe, such as a weekend. The losses that you incur during said weekend are the basis for your cashback upon the end of the allotted period.

Cashback Bonuses Based on Percentages

This form of cashback bonus depends highly on the amount that you lose. This is based on the game that you are playing and can range anywhere from 10 and 20% of your losses.

Cashback Bonus Based on an Event or Game

This cashback bonus is based entirely on a specific event or game with an emphasis on betting as much as you can on the indicated game. You can expect your cashback to be in accordance with the losses that you incur while playing the game or betting on a particular event.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are also known as playthrough requirements. WR are part of the terms and conditions for a no deposit bonus. Wagering requirements are multiplier rules associated with the promotion. It indicates precisely how many times Players must rollover the bonus before they can withdraw any funds.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirement

A $20 no deposit bonus subject to a 30X wagering requirement means that players must wager their bonus amount a total of 30 X ($600 in bets) before cashing out any payouts. Any attempt to withdraw without meeting the playthrough requirement will invalidate the bonus + payouts in the account.

What portion of the offer is subject to wagering requirements?

The portion of the offer that is subjected to wagering requirements is usually indicated in the bonus terms and conditions. Wagering requirements can be applied to both deposit match bonuses and free spins bonuses, and in some cases, wagering requirements may also be applied to your deposit amount.


You should always make the best of your cashback bonus. This might be a bit daunting and confusing, so follow these quick tips and use them while claiming one of the following special offers.

Cashback VS Deposit Bonus

You will naturally compare cashback bonuses to regular deposit bonuses in your head and debate which one is better. The following differences should help you in this regard.

Cashback Bonus Deposit Bonus
Rewards losses Boosting is limited to deposits
Received cash does not entail wagering requirements There are wagering requirements
Usually bound to certain games or times No limitations regarding deposit spending

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How Our Experts Rate Online Casinos and Gambling Sites: Reviewing casinos is what we do best, and we always make sure that we cover the vital information and essential factors. When considering which online casino to choose, we’ll provide you with the most up to date information on a casino’s security measures, payouts, player feedback about the casino, and much more. Take a look at the graph below for more info.

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A cashback bonus is a certain type of bonus that casinos issue after gameplay has taken place. You can expect to get back a certain percentage of your losses.

The main ones include low or simply non-existent wagering requirements. This innate benefit makes them substantially more valuable.

Online casinos offer loads of cashback offers, which is why you ought to read the terms and conditions of your chosen bonus in order to know what the prerequisites are. These can include limited availability in terms of time or game selection.

This depends entirely on your playstyle. Occasional players might find a welcome bonus to be right up their alley, while continuous players might find a cashback offers more advantages in the long run.

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