The Basics of Online Sports Betting

Sports betting has an aura surrounding it that ports over to an online gambling setting. This prestige does not equate to difficulty since anyone can partake in it if they are mindful of a few basics. The following detailed guide will evolve you into an experienced punter in no time.

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In This Guide



Sports betting has seen an astronomic rise in popularity among bettors the world over, but is it deserved? We will be taking a look at several aspects of this sector and see the ins and outs of the enormous, multi-billion-euro industry that makes many gamblers disgustingly rich. Sports betting has even become a household name and is part of the social norm in several countries, but where should your exploration begin? Learn this and more vital information on the matter and see if sports betting is your next home run.

Why Should I Bet on Sports?

You have definitely been at least privy to a sports-based conversation, both on relaxed and formal occasions. Such discussions almost always touch on the possible winners of an upcoming event, and considering betting on said winners is something completely natural. So why should you not have a go at it?

It is always wise to know the topic that you are considering betting on, and the same goes for sports. If you are an avid sports fan, you probably know enough to bet on it. Your knowledge should ideally encompass the sport itself, popular teams, good players and so on. However, you may not know everything, which is fine, as there is an endless supply of informative content both on our site and online. Lastly, do not forget to look into the potential outcomes of games and maximise your chances of placing a winning bet.

Some players are masters at gauging a potential winner either before or during a match. If you fall into this category, you might find sports gambling fun. Sports betting is one of those rare gambling subsectors that put an above-average amount of value on knowledge. More knowledge means more ‘luck’.

Some of you might have exhausted conventional casino games and are looking for a new form of betting. Sports betting is an excellent choice since it is exciting, social and satisfactory. Either way, you ought to try everything at least once.

Online Sports Betting

The days of getting all dressed up and heading out to bet on sports are long gone. Nowadays, you can enjoy the thrills of sports betting from the comfort of your PC or mobile device. Pick an online bookmaker, preferably one of our suggestions, whose odds and variety of markets are second to none and enjoy the safety and security of a licensed and regulated intermediary.

Bookmakers value their customers highly, so you can expect various special and promotional offers, bonuses and added value. When you couple this enlarged deposit with the value of various bookie features and tailored styles, you get a winning combination.

Be mindful of legality and check whether or not you are allowed to bet on sports in your respective country, state or region. Is this starting to sound like a headache? Fret not. The rest of the guide will guide you, teach you the basics and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Sports Events Betting

The most popular sports events for bets: You will find a plethora of sports, and even peculiarities such as politics and the outcomes of prize competitions, that you can bet on nowadays. We recommend the following array of sports betting events:

  • NRL
  • AFL
  • Soccer
  • NBA
  • UFC
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Esports
  • Politics

Sports Betting Odds

You should be familiar with the meaning behind 'odds' whenever you consider betting on sports. The constants of sports betting are the plus (+) and minus (-) signs, and knowing what they allude to can be the difference between winning and losing.

Betting odds are essentially the likely result of any given event, and these directly impact how much you win if you get lucky and your bet wins. You can often find this displayed on your betting slip prior to confirming a market-specific bet. Note that odds appear in ratios and decimals, which is something that you ought to be mindful of and prepared for. Additionally, do not ignore spread betting and study its inner workings. The latter can lead to better betting choices.

A spread will show you whether the game's odds are good or bad. The plus (+) indicates that a team is an underdog, while the minus (-) shows that it is a favourite. Let us say that the spread is set at seven points. The underdog will be given seven points, and this will appear as +7 in the odds. The opposite is true of the favourite, which is marked with -7, so seven laying points, and is the likely winner.

Mobile Sports Betting

The idea of betting on the move was once a futuristic dream, but any punter can nowadays enjoy its thrills. You will find the best sportsbooks promoting dedicated mobile apps that you can easily access via download links that are specialised for both iOS and Android devices. These should be listed on their respective websites, which might be optimised for mobile browsers and serve as a substitute platform. The latter will allow you to bet directly on the site.

If you decide to opt for a mobile app, you will surely notice how similar it is to the website. The difference are a few additional features and benefits that may grow on your and make mobile betting your favourite variant!

Remember to maintain your standards when using a mobile app. The interface should be user-friendly, the navigation smooth, and the entire thing should run seamlessly on Android, iOS, PC, tablet and smartphone devices.

Popular Terms

Sports betting has given birth to a multitude of terms and phrases which might prove confusing. The following list should help you quickly get acquainted with the most important ones. You will notice that the meaning of various terms is occasionally counterintuitive. Be mindful of the following terms:

  • Punter: This is a bettor/sports gambler/sports enthusiast.
  • Market: This is the target of your bets. It would conventionally be a game.
  • Player: A participant in any given match.
  • Game: The actual game that athletes play.
  • Betting Slip: An interface element that appears after you bet.
  • Multi Bets: Placing bets on several markets in unison.
  • In-Play Bet: This is a bet that is placed whilst a game is happening.
  • Bookmaker: A common way to refer to your chosen sports betting site.

Terms and Conditions

Being familiar with the terms surrounding sports betting may be the difference between you enjoying your session and growing to resent sports betting. Each sport has its own set of rules, but the following terms and conditions are the most common:

  • You can only bet on sports if you are of legal age, so 19 or 18 depending on your jurisdiction.
  • You need to agree to any privacy policy and sports betting rules that a site might have.
  • Be mindful of gambling laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.
  • You cannot withdraw while you still have open (unsettled) bets on a betting slip.

Pros & Cons

Watch sports and bet real money while doing so
You can choose one of many sports markets
Consider events, leagues and major tournaments when betting
Partake in local or international event bets
Expand your betting range
Research before you dive into it
A lack of knowledge leads to an array of losses


While we all know that betting smart is crucial, how do we actually go about it? Well, one way is outlined by the following handy tips that nudge you closer to a successful wager, regardless of your chosen sport. The following should help you get the most long-term bang for your buck.

Getting Started

Complete newbies to the world of sports betting might find it daunting, but this step-by-step guide will help you edge into sports betting:

1 Register At Your Chosen Bookmaker

A betting site or bookmaker is a venue where sports bets are accepted. You might even occasionally hear the phrase bookie or sportsbook. Visit one of our recommended sites, whose licenses, regulations and safety are first-class. Start your journey via the registration link.

2 Deposit

Solid venues offer a plethora of payment methods that facilitate your initial deposit. Usually, Visa and Mastercard, so credit and debit cards, are joined by more modern e-wallet and EFT options that help fund your account. Be mindful of the potential impact of your method on your bonus.

3 Grab A Bonus offer

Your initial deposit almost always catalyses an amazing welcome bonus, but do not forget about the terms and conditions that may give you headaches if you opt into a bonus offer that you cannot satisfy.

4 Pick a Sport

Consider your interests and knowledge, and pick any sport that your heart desires. There is surely a sports betting site that offers it. Be it cricket, basketball, football, tennis, rugby, soccer, snooker, darts or table tennis. Or stray from sports and bet on the next American presidential election. The world is your oyster!

5 Choose a Market

A market is an array of bets that you place on a chosen sport. These might be applied to a certain match, event or even tournament, and their odds will influence the type of bet that you place. There are hundreds of markets for various sports, so do not settle for average and find the one that aligns with you the most.

6 Choose Your Type of Bet

We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of various betting types. These should be an inspiration for your bet. Once you place it, you will see a betting slip with general information regarding your wager, along with the expected amount of a winning bet.

7 Bet

The very last step is to confirm your bet and cross your fingers. Let us hope that you placed a winning bet and that winnings are coming your way!


Newbies to sports betting naturally find it daunting, and this is in part due to the terminology at play. Use our handy glossary and learn all of the jargon, slang and other terms that might appear in your sports betting adventures.

Learn more

Types of Sports Betting

Betting on sports is actually far more complex than you might initially think. It is a combination of the sport, its odds, your chosen type of bet and how many losses you can stomach. Some betting types will seem alien and torturous to you, but do not give up before even trying. Consider the following common betting types and see if any tickle your fancy:

Parlay Bets

You might occasionally hear it referred to as an accumulator, acca, combo bet or multi bet. The essence is that one bet links two or more separate ones, and their success is interdependent. We do not recommend this bet since a single link failing makes the whole chain snap and leaves you empty-handed.

Flat Stakes

This is a linear betting system that sees you place the same amount on each game without considering your gut. This is arguably the best jumping-off point for long games.

Matched Betting

You will often hear it regarded as risk-free since the final outcome is under the protection of a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Arbitrage Betting

This is essentially a wide swing that covers all outcomes of an event and guarantees a profit. You are, in essence, using the odds of various sportsbooks that are participating in the same event.

Spread Betting

A fan favourite in football and basketball that has also spread to other sports. To get a firmer grasp of the subject, consider the odds that we display below.


This is a form of gambling focused on sports and wagering on their outcome. Thankfully the outcomes are pretty straightforward. You either lose everything or make a profit that is outlined by the odds of your chosen bookmaker.

This is a term that you will frequently hear tossed around, and it might occasionally be masked as 'bookie' or 'sportsbook' or even 'betting agency'. These are one and the same. They are essentially an exchange where customers use odds set by these marketplaces.

Anyone who bets is considered a ‘punter’, ‘bettor’, or ‘betting fan’. Anyone who gambles can expect to be called this sooner or later.

Sports betting is usually hosted by the most popular betting sites, there is also an array of dedicated betting sites that can be found on our list. These include only the most reputable and safe venues.

This refers to you or some other punter betting on the outcome of a sports event. You are essentially betting on what the outcome will be and, in turn, backing it. You usually only have two choices in this regard.

A lay bet is a bet against the outcome of an event. Let us say that you are a fan of Formula 1 and decide to lay bet against Lewis Hamilton. You are, in this case, betting on anyone but Hamilton winning. Your bet losses if Hamilton triumphs.

You cannot place bets before registering at your chosen bookmaker. The latter should be licensed and regulated, which removes any foul play from the picture.

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