The Ins and Outs of eSports Bets in 2023

Have you always been intrigued by the exciting world of esports? Then you are not alone! This gambling trend has been making waves all over the world, and titles such as Dota, CS:GO, Fortnite and LoL are being heard of more and more often. This exciting guide to the world of eSports will introduce you to everything that you want and need to know on the matter.

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A younger punter or that friend that stays up on all the trends might have brought eSports up once or twice before, but what is it? Well, the abbreviation stands for electronic sports and covers everything from computer to console games that have both teams and individuals competing in them. The basic mechanics are rather traditional. You bet on the perceived winner of a tournament, game, or match and hope for the best. It is very similar to sports betting.

The following guide will introduce you to the ins and outs of eSports betting and show you the steps that you have to take to bet online.

Online Esports Betting

The world of gaming truly blew up in the 2010s. It was a rather obscure topic before then, but it blossomed into a well-organized sport with pros taking part in global tourneys. As the industry grew, so did Esports markets offering bets, and nowadays, you can visit countless such venues and bet on a solid number of events, tournaments and competitions. Esports truly is a perfect marriage of gambling and computer and console games.

Esports Events to Bet on

Esports has taken inspiration from regular sports and hosts tournaments, leagues and even championships yearly. The most exciting events that you can bet on are:

● The International

● Fortnite World Cup

● LoL World Tournament

● LoL World Championship

But the exciting news does not end there. You can expect to see eSports in the Olympics in 2028.

The Prizes

There is no lack of exciting tournament winnings, and pros train night and day to compete for them. The largest prize pool belongs to Dota 2 and is a whopping €280 million! It is followed by Counter-Strike:Global Offensive with an astonishing €130 million, and then Fortnite standing at a proud €111 million. LoL or League of Legends boasts a €90 million prize pool.

Popular Terms in Esports

Nothing is worse than diving into an activity and seeing that you are not informed enough. Players ought to know what certain eSports terms mean, which is why we have prepared the following list:

  • Clan - this is a group of players that also refer to themselves as a community, guild, faction or party.
  • Console - this is a game platform.
  • DLC - this is paid content that you can download.
  • FPS- games a shorthand for a first-person shooter.
  • GG - a common abbreviation for a good game.
  • Meta - a metagame
  • Multiplatform - to play via multiple platforms or cross-platform.
  • Streamer - this is somebody who plays the game and commentates on it for their audience.

Pros & Cons

Partake in riveting electronic sports
Compete for large prize pools
Compete from the comfort of your PC/console
Bet socially
Fun and exciting
You can watch it live
A solid selection of bonuses
Great odds
Exceeding your budget
Alien to those unfamiliar with PC and console games


There are very few differences between regular sports and esports betting. Your likelihood of making a sound decision is increased by being familiar with the game and its players. The following tips ought to be considered when making your first bet:

Getting Started

The world of eSports betting is vast and a bit confusing, which is why we have prepared the following step-by-step guide that will get the ball rolling and have you betting in minutes.

1 Register at your chosen betting site

The veterans among you have definitely run across the Esports section of your casino, but some of you might not have a casino site chosen yet. This can easily be mitigated by our amazing list of recommended eSports betting sites.

2 Grab your bonus

Almost every betting site will try to lure you in with riveting bonuses and welcome bonuses. Your first deposit is a great opportunity to cash in on your bonus offer, but make sure that you fulfil the terms and conditions.

3 Pick an Esports game

There is an innate advantage to betting on things that you are familiar with. It is, therefore, advisable to bet on known games. If you are unfamiliar with them, you can always explore them with our list of eSports.

4 Find markets with the best odds

There is no substitute for a market with great odds. The betting sites that we recommend have superb odds and let you make the most of your first bet.

5 Bet

When you crunch all the numbers and come to a decision, place your bet and let Lady Luck decide your fate. Note that being familiar with teams, players, and their history can help you out in this regard.

6 Watch the action live!

You will find live streams hosted by betting sites or bookmakers. The purpose of these is to bring the action to you as it unfolds.

7 Grab your winnings

When your bet wins, you get a reward. The natural next step is choosing your favourite payment method and moving your winnings to your bank account.

Esports Games

You will find that the sea of Esports possibilities is vast, and choosing your favourite game might prove difficult. The following list of games with respective short descriptions should help you out in this regard:

League of Legends

Known as LoL, this game is the most common Esports go-to.


Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is renowned as a popular betting option-

Call of Duty

A giant both in the Esports and first-person shooter genre.


An exciting game sporting three different modes.


A fun multiplayer online battle arena game.


This enticing game series has vibrant characters and fun team-based shooting.

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 has a galaxy of exciting betting markets.


A game based on collecting digital cards. It is free of charge.

Rainbow 6 Siege

An amazing online shooter based on tactics.

Rocket League

A soccer game focused on vehicles.


A ground-breaking free first-person shooter.

Call of Duty Warzone

CoD Warzone is an infamous free battle royale.


As we have mentioned, the phrase itself stands for electronic sports and encompasses competitive and sport-like events that accept wagers. Their fans mimic traditional sports fans by following teams, watching matches, and betting on potential winners.

This is a common way of referring to League of Legends. The latter is an infamous multiplayer online battle game and the most popular Esport, with roots stretching back to 2009.

There is always the option of watching eSports live. Heck, the majority of bookmakers dedicate an entire section to this. Nothing can beat the live-action experience of this genre.

Well, you could go exploring on your own and lose time on confirming the safety, features, bonuses, odds and value of different sites, or you could simply use OCR’s list that gives you the best options in all of these categories.

Just like there are professional athletes, there are professional or 'pro' gamers. These tend to be grouped into teams and gaming organizations that make professional eSports plays.

The most common categories are fighting, first-person shooter, third-person shooter, a multiplayer online battle arena, racing, real-time strategy, sports, and card games.

This is a coveted title that is constantly competed for. Dota 2 currently holds it and reigns supreme as the number one multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

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