Free Slots Guide: Explore the Exciting World of Free Online Slot Games in 2023

Have you always wanted to test slots out but did not want to risk your hard-earned money or deal with signing up or downloading software? Then these free slot machine games are right up your alley. Explore these masterpieces within a free online gaming environment. Enjoy the thrills of the classic fruit machine, video slots, slots sporting multiple pay lines, interactive VR, 3D, and slots with unique gameplay mechanics. These include free spins, sliding symbols, wild multiplier and bonus rounds.


Every genre has its lovechild, sports have football, cooking has pizza, and soft drinks have Coca-Cola. The lovechild of casino games is the humble online slot. Irish players truly have the luck of the Irish when it comes to the representation of slots in online casino portfolios. Certain venues sport a few hundred slots, while others may even have thousands of titles of various developers.

Slots are a product that presumes an investment of real money. This investment is then in the game for a big win, even if the investment is a bit humble. The latter monetarily achievable entry is quite appealing, but it becomes even better when you realize that casinos often provide their players with free online slots. This generosity goes as far as offering free offshoots of real money slots that are a form of test mode for a game. Your experience in the free mode, along with your overall gut feeling for the game, can make risking cash a more informed affair.

However, free online slots should not be regarded as a means to an end but as a standalone form of entertainment. Modern games sport superb graphics, breath-taking animations and features that keep you invested for hours on end. These are things that we could only dream of just a few years ago, and they are at the reach of your fingertips! The ‘gamification’ of casino games makes them just as fun as casual video games.

Why Should I Play Free Online Slots?

The reason is twofold and rather straightforward. Firstly, you can take your chosen games for a spin and see what they are really about. Note that the basic element of winning money is not in store for you when you play free online slots, but this is paid for by the second vital aspect. The latter is the unparalleled free excitement that these games offer to Irish players.

A slightly more obscure reason for partaking in free slots can be testing out their volatility and gauging how much you ought to put aside in order to freely partake in a game. The endless volleys of new slots might leave your wallet a bit light were it not for the free testing options that make your exploration risk-free.

Should I Play for Real or for Fun?

We have covered the base benefits of each avenue of approach. Now we ought to look at free variants in a little more detail and also see how they compare to their real money cousins. It is well known that most Irish casinos provide their players, regardless of their deposit status, with free versions of online slots. The main goal of these offers is to provide you with a look at the various options that different game providers put forth without a semblance of risk. What might surprise you is the fact that these free variants mimic real money ones very closely. Reputable developers will not embellish their games with free online slots sporting better RTPs (payouts). Their free variants will be replicas of their real money originals. This will make them excellent representatives of the real McCoy and allow you to easily familiarize yourself with real money games.

Getting Started

We have already covered why exploring the free versions of various online slots is superb for learning how they work and what you can expect from them, but we have not looked at what it takes to use free slots and lay the foundations for real money ones.

1 Familiarize yourself with various slots

It is very hard to decide exactly what you want. This is especially true when you are confronted by a sea of options, such as in the case of online slots. You will be able to test a plethora of options without opening an account or even without spending a dime. You can subsequently evaluate bet settings and different features and see which game is the best for you.

2 Get the slots that you love at your chosen casino

Each casino sports its own game portfolio and you are bound to encounter one that ticks all of your boxes and provides you with the slots that you love. Be mindful of the customer service, fair play, reputation, developer list and other vital aspects that make a casino truly great.

3 Locate the best welcome bonus for slots

Online slot players have a special place in the hearts of casinos. The latter affection has resulted in numerous bonuses being offered to slot players, and this sea of choice can easily leave you a tad confused. We want to narrow your search for the best with our reviews of the top bonuses that are currently available to you. Note that core aspects such as wagering requirements, banking methods and withdrawal limitations should be taken into account before you opt into any promotional offer.

4 Spin and pursue real money wins

At this point, you have acquired some experience and are acquainted with reels as a whole. The boosted bankroll that was served up by bonuses has left only one thing to be done. You have to sign into your account, load up your favourite slot and have fun.


The fact that reels rely heavily on chance and cannot be influenced by strategies is well known, and free online slots do not falsely advertise otherwise. However, they truthfully represent themselves as a way to learn various features and betting settings and even as a way to explore the newest arrivals at any given casino.

Calculate Your Casino Bonus

Casinos Bonus Min. Deposit WR Payment Methods Claim Bonus
Stake Casino
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€100 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Casino Empire


18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€20 50x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
BetSofa Casino


18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€20 45x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Joo Casino
€1,000 + 100 Free Spins
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€20 50x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
Wild Tornado Casino
€1,000 + 100 Free Spins


18+ Only, T&C Apply.
€10 30x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.

Free online slots mimic their paid originals in various departments, including the vastness of terms that are used. Being familiar with these can help you understand how features work and what value the payouts of various spins hold. A quick look at our handy glossary will get you up to speed on the most important game terms.

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Types of Slots

You will be hard-pressed to find a game category that is richer than online slots. The sea of slot options has a few lighthouses dotted about. These are namely the following.

Classic Slots

The classics are called classics because they work time and time again. The same goes for classic slots that never fail to amaze with their one to three paylines and symbols such as lemons, cherries, bars and bells. These are the basis for all modern video slots.

Video Slots

The evolution of slots has greatly enriched the genre. Examples of enrichment include special features, increased paylines, mini-games and the implementation of breath-taking themes that cater to every taste. You will often find jackpot games, progressive slots, Megaways and similar plentiful offerings as representatives of this vital genre. Note that the top developers simply adore the aforementioned variations.

Fruit Machines

The humble origins of fruit machines can be found in UK pubs. The initial three-reel slot amusement with prizes initially gave patrons a chance to compete for pub prizes and not cash payouts as they do today. Their appearance in online form eventually led to them being one of the main early representatives of online casino fun.


This blast from the East has players winning silver balls instead of money. The name hints at its Japanese origin and is well known by numerous online players. Their bright aesthetic, along with action that cannot be ignored, especially in an audio sense, has made them particularly noticeable. These bright stars shine even brighter when they take up simple gameplay.

Progressive Slots

These are the infamous giant bags of cash that everyone immediately associates with slots. Almost everyone knows what they are, but almost no one knows how they actually work. See, progressive jackpot slots fill a special bonus meter by biting away a small chunk of each spin within a game's network and adding it to a jackpot sum. The seed of a jackpot can occasionally be a whopping €1 million and then just grow from there. This naturally leads to enormous sums, such as the current Guinness World Record progressive jackpot win of nearly €21 million.

Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual reality has brought about a revolution in many industries. Online slots are but one of them. Casino developers are forced to explore this new market and produce titles that can be played in virtual reality casinos.

Multi-Reel Slots

You might find the idea of playing on multiple reels at once a bit too much, but some online slot players cannot do without it. These brave souls usually search for multi-reel slots that offer two or four simultaneous reels. Certain games go as far as allowing reel-specific bets.

Megaways Slots

It is often the case in software development that a bug becomes a feature and that a random feature turns into an independent product. The same goes for boosted numbers of paylines that eventually allowed video slots to hit a whopping 177,649 ways to win. These offshoots have birthed an entire industry, and Megaways slots remain fan favourites to this very day. You will often find developers licensing this reel modification in order to boost their titles and stay appealing.

Real vs Free Slots

You might be strapped for time and/or have a hard time deciding between online slots for real money and their free warmup options. Our side-by-side comparison can help alleviate your stress and give you a clear grasp of the situation.

Real Money Slots Free Slots
Better for experienced players Great for rookies
Accommodates your budget Great for learning
Wagering requirements are mandatory for a bonus You cannot lose money
Winnings can be withdrawn There are no winnings

Play for Real

Our Favorite Casino

Approved Approved
Hot Hot

Unibet Casino

Best for
Over 500 games available

One of the longest-running casinos online.

Several good progressive jackpot slots.

Responsive customer support.

Payouts are processed between one and three business days.

Uses high quality updated software.

Payout Speed
1 - 2 Days
Auto Play
Branded Games
Free Games
Game Customization
8 more
Payment Methods

200% Match Bonus up to €200

Welcome Bonus

18+ Only, T&C Apply.


The exciting thing about free online slots is that they are available in almost every online casino. Furthermore, you can play practically any real money slot in its free mode prior to investing your hard-earned money into it.

These are entirely dependent on the game provider at hand, but the majority of free online slots are a direct replica of their originals. Note that the RTP, volatility and even other aspects remain the same.

The simplest answer would be fun. This fun can be expanded upon by the fact that you can test the game and see if it is your cup of tea before you go for the real deal.

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