Guide to Playing Free Blackjack Online

Have you always wanted to play various kinds of blackjack games without having to download a thing or even sign up? Have you always wanted to hone your online blackjack skills and strategies without investing real money? Do all this and more for free with Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack.


Blackjack consistently ranks among the top three casino games in terms of popularity, and it tends to rub shoulders with slots and roulette. You will have a hard time finding a gambler that has not partaken in a hand of blackjack at least once or twice in their career. The latter is regardless of their fondness for table games.

Free online blackjack is a superb way to experience what this popular casino game is really like and what it can give you in terms of fun without spending a dime. Furthermore, it does not require you to sign up or download any particular software or even deposit. It is, therefore, the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of blackjack, which bets are available and what constitutes a winning hand whilst playing free online blackjack games. Use strategies, test a new approach and become familiar with the game before investing real money into it. After you become comfortable with the baseline, visit our recommended blackjack casinos and make use of the safest and easiest way to play.

Why should I play free blackjack?

Players will find free blackjack games to be incredibly convenient. Some people are simply not experienced in gambling, and their grasp of game rules might be shaky. It is, therefore, an excellent way for them to learn the ropes, and they will hardly find a better training method than these free tables. If you found yourself in the above description, you might find free online blackjack to be a superb way of getting the hang of things and getting a hold of strategies before playing for real.

The Basic Strategy of The Game

Blackjack is the casino game that gives the most weight to strategies. You can, subsequently, learn a lot regarding the game and free blackjack tables tend to be a superb manner in which to achieve this. Furthermore, you get to test strategies without incurring financial losses.

If you want to become a blackjack strategist, have a gander at the blackjack strategy pages that are a reservoir of resources which will help improve your game.

  1. Soft hands - these hands hold an Ace and prevent you from going bust if you happen to exceed 21 when drawing an additional card.
  2. Splitting pairs - a pair constitutes two cards of the same value, and you are allowed to split them. It is, sometimes, the best course of action.
  3. Doubling down - this doubles your bet and potentially maximizes your profit. It should only be done if you have a hand that will evolve into a solid one with an incoming card.

Getting Started

Newbies to online blackjack will see that playing it for free is an excellent way to experience the game’s offerings. The game can easily be loaded up, and you can bet for free whilst exploring the various game functions. Betting for free in online blackjack can enrich even experienced players.

1 Choose Your Blackjack Type

You can expect multiple types of online blackjack to be on offer. By playing for free, you can find the one that resonates with you the most. Take all of them for a test drive and pick your favourite.

2 Bet

Test out various betting methods and see what made online blackjack so popular. Why should you not push the boundaries of your real money bets and try something new when playing for free?

3 Enjoy Risk-Free Games

The biggest appeal of free online blackjack is definitely the lack of risks. There is no need to worry about losing a lot of money when placing huge bets or partaking in a prolonged session. Playing for longer also accumulates experience and allows you to become more familiar with the chosen game.


You should always consider free blackjack a form of entertainment and fun. The fact that you can turn free games into a learning experience by experimenting in various unique ways without using real funds is just an added benefit. The following tips might help you maximize your free online blackjack experience.

Calculate Your Casino Bonus

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€10 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
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Casino Empire


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€20 50x (Bonus & Deposit)
18+ Only, T&C Apply.
N1 Bet Casino
€1,000 + 150 Free Spins


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Joo Casino
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You cannot fully grasp the game and milk it for all that it is worth without being familiar with the unique terms that casinos and veteran players use. The latter familiarity might not do much for your overall results, but it will definitely make the game vastly more enjoyable. We have, therefore, prepared a thorough blackjack glossary that can help you learn various terms.

Blackjack Glossary

Types of Blackjack

The various kinds of blackjack: Years of evolution have given birth to various types of blackjack. These are based on the same initial idea and rules, but they do have nuance differences that make them a tad more challenging or riveting.

Classic Blackjack

This is, as you can guess from the name, the baseline of blackjack. It tends to be played with six decks. However, there is the occasional casino variant with one deck. The dealer aims to hit at 16 and stand at 17 and above.


This riveting blackjack variant has a few alterations to the rules. Each player gets handed a card, and this card forms the basis of whether or not they decide to bet and continue the hand.

Blackjack Switch

This type of blackjack highly relies on switching cards. The game starts with each player having two hands instead of one and mixing cards between the hands in order to form the best possible combination that will triumph over the dealer. Once the switching is completed, the player can double down or split his or her hands, just like in classic blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender

This version of blackjack is akin to the classic one, but it does have one major twist. Players are allowed to 'surrender' their hand, which gives up half of their original bet and pulls them out of hand. This surrender option is never enforced on players, and they can always follow the template of regular blackjack.

Free vs Real Money

Real money wins may not be on the table whilst playing free blackjack games, but this definitely does not take away from their educational and fun aspects. Newbies to online blackjack should invest some time into free games and become familiar with them prior to partaking in real money tables. You cannot deny the fact that real money blackjack tends to be more riveting, especially when you are doing well. However, the fact of the matter is that you will lose real money instead of fake chips when playing the real McCoy. The latter is something that you should keep in mind.

Free Blackjack Real Money Blackjack
Explore new types of blackjack in a laid-back and risk-free atmosphere. Mistakes that you make while learning cost money.
Sharpen your skills and perfect your strategies without risking a penny. Real money blackjack games improve your skills without risking a thing.
A rich session will not enrich your wallet. You can withdraw winnings if things go your way and Lady Luck chooses your side.

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You can find free blackjack games on this very page, in the free games section, to be exact. You will usually find free blackjack tables in various online casinos under the table games section. Note that some sites categorize it under a dedicated blackjack section. Choose the 'free' or 'demo' variant and kick things off.

Yes, it can. Several free blackjack games include support for mobile devices. You can, therefore, find a plethora of free blackjack games optimized for mobile. However, this might not include every version of every available game.

No, you cannot. You are essentially playing with virtual money that only unlocks games but does not have innate value. The latter is regardless of your winnings and will never allow you to cash or exchange them. Such actions are enabled only by real money investments.

That depends. Numerous online casinos grant access to free game versions (such as free blackjack) without demanding the opening of an account. You can simply click or tap the game of your choosing and load it. But do note that some venues alter this and demand an account.

Yes, it is. Free blackjack tables constitute a superb method for practising basic blackjack strategies, becoming familiar with the rules and giving tricks a go without accumulating risks. Some even consider free games to be the ultimate way to learn blackjack as a beginner. You can easily guess that they are far more effective and fun than learning with an article or video.

Demo mode does not grant access to live dealer games. But certain casinos do allow for live game observers.

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