A Newbie Guide to Online Bingo Games in 2023

Have you always been entertained by bingo or even had the luck of experiencing it in land-based halls? Then online bingo might be your next favourite stop. This guide to online bingo will cover everything that you ought to know about getting started, some insider scoops, the basic rules of bingo and how to start your bingo journey the right way at the best online bingo sites. Join us for this incredible journey.

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Online bingo games do not have a long history, but it is rich nonetheless. They have only been around for a few years, but the rapid technological advancement has given birth to new game creations, additional game features and an endless array of other treats.

The history of bingo spans as far back as the 1500s. It was originally known as 'beano', and the only requirement on your part was marking numbers off of cards. Said numbers were compared to those pulled from a sack. This initial version evolved, branched out and reached the thrills of online gambling.

Just a few years ago, you were forced to visit your local bingo hall and play bingo there, but now you can play online bingo from anywhere and at any time. The only prerequisite is a solid internet connection. Furthermore, there are numerous different games up for grabs, along with their branching themes. Some have bonus features, while others even boast added jackpot prize pools that make online bingo an appealing world of gaming thrills.

You can expect various shapes and sizes of bingo to appear on your radar. This means that you can freely choose between 90, 75, and even 30-ball games. Each game changes the gameplay slightly and introduces nuances. These alterations enable every bingo player to get exactly what he or she wants from a game.

You might not have been lucky enough to try bingo yourself, but this is the perfect place to explore the game and learn what you need to satisfy your intrigue. This guide to online bingo is the optimal tool for kicking your online bingo journey off. It includes basic bingo rules, a look at bingo variants and even certain valuable tips for starting your online gaming like a professional instead of a lost newbie.

Bingo is considered an easy and very entertaining game, which feeds into its popularity as an instant-win game available at the majority of leading online sites. Study our guide and learn everything you need to know about this riveting game.

The Rules

A dive into any online game should be preceded by exploring the basic rules and making sure that you are off to a solid start.

You will find a series of bingo versions. However, most of them follow a basic model. You buy a card with numbers and letters on it. These are split into rows and columns, and the exact number that you can purchase differs from game to game. You might need to choose up to 15 bingo numbers, which depends entirely on the game variant at hand.

The next step right after choosing your potentially lucky numbers is starting the game. Randomly generated numbers will be called out, and you will need to form certain combinations in order to win. Winning combos vary from filling rows to filling squares. The first player that creates a winning combination is crowned the winner. Only called-out numbers can be crossed out, and attempting to jump the gun will be met with rejection.

Popular Terms

Certain words in the vocabulary of online bingo might seem alien to you. Have a gander at this short list of popular terms and kick things off with a solid baseline:

  • Admissions – Being allowed to continue playing online bingo.
  • Dauber – This is what you use to mark the called numbers on your bingo cards.
  • Caller – This is the person that pulls numbers out of the basket and shouts them.
  • Basket Bingo – This type of bingo game involves winning basket prizes.
  • Coverall Pattern – This refers to players who hide their numbers.
  • Wrap-Up – The last game in a session.
  • Full House – A pattern that sees all the squares of a bingo card filled.


Regardless of your chosen variant, bingo is, at the end of the day, a game of chance. Nonetheless, you can make the entire experience a bit more entertaining and improve your game by following these tips:

Getting Started

An online bingo beginner might find the whole affair rather frightening, especially if the initial steps are not crystal clear. This guide will help you take the necessary steps.

1 Learn the Rules

Every game requires this of you if you want to make the most of it. If online bingo is foreign to you, then study the rules.

2 Choose a Variant

After you master the rules, find a version of bingo that speaks to you.

3 Start Your Game

When you chance upon the best version for you, load the game in its real money mode at your selected bingo site and go at it.

4 Bet

This is where the real fun begins. Place your bets and see if Lady Luck has some winning in store for you.

Online vs Offline Bingo

Online bingo is a widespread game with popularity that was initially crafted in land-based bingo rooms. Its popularity has not faltered despite the rise of online bingo, and the following are the main differences between land-based and online bingo games.

Online Bingo Offline Bingo
Base the pace on the game variant Be social whilst playing
There are various types of games available Unique bingo rewards and additions
Riveting bingo tournaments You get to shout, 'BINGO!'

Popular Games

The best thing about online bingo is that there is an endless supply of new and riveting games that you can look forward to. Newer game variants are produced regularly by invested software providers. Have a gander at the following examples of the most popular online bingo games.

30-Ball Bingo

Rapid bingo games culminate in 30-ball bingo. This variant has a simplistic 3x3 card layout with the objective of filling the entire card prior to calling bingo.

75-Ball Bingo

This version of bingo is played with a card formed by 5x5 lines and 75 balls. Its fast pace makes the game even more fun.

80-Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo is the go-to for anyone that wants to try something different. You can play this game with a 4x4 card layout and use multiple ways to win.

90-Ball Bingo

This version sees you use a 9x3 payline layout with a staggering 90 bingo balls. It consists of three stages: one line, two lines, and a full house.


No, it is not. Bingo games are based on a random number generator that guarantees randomness and prevents rigging.

Online bingo can be played for real money at the best online bingo sites. Scroll through our list of the best online casino recommendations if you are unsure which one to choose.

Bingo can be played directly on an online bingo site. The latter is thanks to instant-play technology that bypasses the need to download software.

Yes, online bingo is not exclusive to desktop players. You can easily play it on mobile and tablet devices at the leading mobile online bingo sites. Furthermore, bingo can be played anywhere with your Android and iOS device.

Yes, it is. Numerous online bingo sites and platforms allow players to try their games free of charge or in a demo mode. You can opt for this free mode instead of using real money.

If you are partaking in online bingo at real money online bingo sites and betting real money, you are eligible for real money wins. Be mindful of the online bingo site and whether it is reputable and allows for fast pay-outs after winnings are accumulated.

Betting the maximum might not be wise if you are an online bingo beginner. The majority of bettors consider the maximum bet to be 5% of your bankroll.

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