The Glam Life of a Casino High Roller

Brett C. - June 6, 2022
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High rollers are big spenders at the casino. They tend to congregate in exclusive roped-off areas of the casino, playing baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and craps for high stakes. Casino whales enjoy exclusive perks such as comped rooms, champagne and caviar, tickets to shows, private jets, limousine rides, and tailored gambling conditions. Today, we're going behind the scenes into the glam life of casino high rollers!

What's it like to Bet Big on Every Play?

As a casual player on a limited budget, it's essential to restrict your bet sizes during your gaming sessions. A budget is the only way to ensure an entertaining play session without breaking the bank. Big spenders may also stick to budgets – but these budgets are substantially larger than anything the average player can conceive.

These heavy hitters let their bets do the talking. They don't mince their words when they throw down high-value chips. Depending on their bankroll, these casino whales stack the chips high, often playing with  €500, €1000, €5000, €25,000, or €100,000 + chips at the casino. These casino players are dripping with money, and they're not scared to spend it. Their bet sizes should not be mistaken for their proficiency in play. They like to gamble, and they're not afraid to lose.

Some high rollers at casinos are known for their flashy and ostentatious spending style. Others are more low-key but still drop a lot of money at the casino. High rollers typically have a lot of disposable income, and they're not afraid to gamble big sums of money. In addition, they usually have a good understanding of the games they're playing, and they're often skilled at minimizing their losses.

What Games do High Rollers Play & How Much Do They Wager At Casinos?

High rollers typically like to play games that offer them a high degree of control over the outcome, such as blackjack and poker. They also tend to gravitate towards games with high stakes, such as baccarat and roulette. These players often place large bets - sometimes even in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars range. As you can imagine, these bet sizes are substantially greater than the average player. They can also be found playing high-limit slot machine games, with bet sizes in the hundreds on every spin.

How Does a High Roller Dress at the Casino?

Truthfully – however, they please. Casino whales could technically come out of their rooms in a bathing suit or a robe and play precisely how they wanted to. Casinos are willing to overlook everything, provided it's not flagrant disregard for the law. If they intend to come in with an entourage and a band, they can certainly do that too.

They can dress in a three-piece suit and eveningwear, or jeans and T-shirts. There is no set dress code for a high roller because their money greases the casino's wheels. Casual players may not receive the same liberties as high rollers in terms of dress code, but Vegas and Atlantic City are pretty laid-back places for the most part.

Where Do High Rollers Like to Party at the Casino?

Like any VIP player with a lot of money, casino whales like to be among the in-crowd. They love to hobnob it with the who's who of society - the business elites, casino management, lawmakers and so forth. So they often attend sports matches, magician shows, music concerts, comedy shows, et al. in exclusive boxes cordoned off from the crowds. They are chaperoned in, protected by bodyguards, and escorted out at their leisure. Exotic restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues are high on the agenda for big spenders. It's all about maximizing the entertainment value of the casino experience.

How do you Become A High Roller at the casino?

There's no surefire way to become a high roller at the casino, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

  • First, try to build up a large bankroll. This will give you the financial resources you need to place big bets. 
  • Second, familiarize yourself with the games that high rollers typically play. Practice makes perfect, so the more you play these games, the better your chances of winning big.
  • Finally, be prepared to lose money. Gambling is a risky proposition, and even the best players sometimes come out on the losing end.

High Rollers move in similar circles, not necessarily because they are friends with one another, but because they enjoy the same lifestyle. It's all about exclusivity, grandiosity, pomp and ceremony. High rollers love to be entertained; they love to wait on hand and foot. They are like magnets for beautiful girls, celebrities, and paparazzi. Everyone wants to be in the company of high rollers because they live life to the full. They are often perceived as reckless, but they're just having fun with their play money.

When you've got money to burn, casino games like blackjack with a 0.5% house edge, baccarat banker hands (RTP of 98.94%) or player hands (RTP of 98.76%), or French Roulette with En Prison and La Partage with a house edge of 1.35% are fun. It's hardly about putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Instead, high rollers understand casino odds and work hard to mitigate the house edge by negotiating favourable terms and conditions for themselves. This may take the form of comps and bonuses, increased betting limits, cashback on losses, and other perks.

Becoming a high roller certainly takes some doing. However, skill-based players can fine-tune their craft by understanding casino games that present a relative advantage to players. For example, blackjack strategy guides, bankroll management techniques, and card counting skills can go a long way toward improving blackjack skills. Over time, players can mitigate losses and build a bankroll in blackjack incrementally. Poker is also a skill-based game with plenty of opportunities for luck to play a part.

Where do the High Rollers Stay in Atlantic City and Las Vegas?

Several upscale hotels and casinos cater to high rollers in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. In Atlantic City, some of the more popular options include the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, the Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. In Las Vegas, some of the top choices for high rollers include the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and the Wynn Las Vegas. Of course, every high-quality hotel in Las Vegas has high roller suites available. These are often penthouse suites with private elevators, wait staff, and separate entrances to the casino. A high roller's life is markedly different from anything the rest of us have ever experienced.

As a casino whale, it's all about concierge service. The standard is private chefs, maids, entertainment personnel, and VIP guest lists. Have you ever seen the movie The Hangover? It takes place at Caesars Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Although the actual suite is fictitious, the film is bang on the ritzy milieu. That's a glimpse of a high roller lifestyle at America's premier entertainment playground. High rollers are often called ballers – not because they are great basketball players but because they are fabulously successful individuals. Behind the scenes, you may be surprised to learn that the world's most majestic casino resorts reserve jaw-dropping suites for their high roller players.

  • Nobu Villa at Nobu Hotel
  • Chairman Suite at The Bellagio
  • Sky Villa at Palms Casino Resort
  • The Octavius Tower Villas at CaesarsCasino
  • The Mandarin Suite at the Mandarin Oriental
  • The Hardwood Suite at the Palms Casino Resort
  • The Chairman Suites at the Venetian Hotel and Casino
  • Bentel and Bentel Penthouse Suite at the Cosmopolitan

These glorious accommodations will decimate the average player's budget and put you into debt overnight. But for casino whales, it's a drop in the bucket. Accommodation charges hardly ever touch sides for these folks – rooms are often comped to keep players happy while spending a fortune at the casino tables.

What Are the Maximum Bets at Casino Tables for High Rollers?

There is no set limit on how much high rollers can bet at casino tables. Some casinos may have higher limits for specific games, but ultimately it comes down to what the individual player is comfortable with. High rollers should always consult with the casino staff in advance to determine the betting limits for the games they're interested in playing.

While there is no set figure for a high roller, one thing's for sure: the casino treats you like a platinum player. As a result, high rollers are responsible for a considerable percentage of the casino's take, particularly in games like baccarat. Every year, Las Vegas casinos present GGR ( Gross Gambling Revenue) data for high roller action, particularly with games like baccarat.

For example, back in 2010, Vegas casino players wagered €1.3 billion in Baccarat in December alone – a record. Casinos increasingly court high roller players from Asia for precisely this reason.

Drawing Conclusions: From Casual Player to High Roller

Being a high roller is exactly like reaching the elite tier of an online casino's loyalty programme. While everyone else is starting at bronze or copper level, high rollers are perpetually at platinum or diamond tier status. They enjoy mega rewards, exclusive gifts, bonuses and promotional offers, tailored minimum and maximum bets, and red carpet treatment from the get-go. It's quite a trek up the mountain for a casual play to become a high roller, but it has happened. These folks represent the elite tier of the casino scene, and their business certainly packs a punch!

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