MGA Games Release 'Magical Lake,' A Spellbinding Addition to Online Casinos

OCR Editor. - September 17, 2023
Magical Lake on Mobile Screens

MGA Games invites players to explore the enchanted realms of 'Magical Lake,' its newest 5-reel slot game. The game offers many unique features, including Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins, enhancing the chances of winning.

Online casino enthusiasts have another exciting addition to explore as MGA Games releases its latest slot game, 'Magical Lake.' Designed to amuse players with its enchanting visuals and immersive audible experience, the game is set in a mystical forest populated by magical creatures and hidden treasures.

Special Features

'Magical Lake' isn't just another slot game; it comes packed with an array of unique features designed to multiply players' chances of winning:

25 Prize Lines

The game features a generous 25-price line, providing ample opportunities for players to score winning combinations. The more lines you play, the greater the chance of landing on a winning streak.

Magical Lake Screenshot

Magical Lake Screenshot


Wilds are a staple in slot games, and 'Magical Lake' is no exception. These symbols can replace any other symbol, making it easier for players to complete a winning line. The Wilds add an extra layer of excitement as they can appear at any moment, potentially changing a losing spin into a winning spin.


Scatter symbols are another highlight of 'Magical Lake.' They offer a separate avenue for wins and can trigger additional game features. The Scatters Symbol does not have to appear on a specific payline to count as a win.

Free Spins

What makes 'Magical Lake' even more attractive is its Free Spins feature. When activated, players can enjoy extra gameplay without wagering additional funds. The Free Spins come with a 3x multiplier, tripling the amount won during these rounds and adding a dynamic twist to the gameplay.

Themed Bonus Mini-Game

This feature sets 'Magical Lake' apart from the competition. Players can enter the bonus mini-game by landing three or more 'Bonus' symbols. In this interactive mini-game, players click on fairies to reveal hidden prizes. The mini-game ends when the player selects a fairy that reveals the word 'exit.'

Themed Bonus Mini-Game

Captivating Atmosphere

The game isn't just about winning; it's an experience. The music and sound effects are intricately designed to draw players into the magical atmosphere of the forest. Coupled with stunning visuals, the game offers a completely immersive experience, making players feel like they are navigating a mystical world.

Device Compatibility

Understanding the importance of flexible gameplay, MGA Games has optimized 'Magical Lake' for various platforms. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the game retains its quality and fluidity, offering an uncompromised gaming experience.

Volatility and Top Prize

With low volatility, 'Magical Lake' is perfect for players who prefer a more stable gaming experience. The game offers a top prize of €16,275.00, making it attractive to casual gamers and high rollers.

Beyond The Spinning

With its unique features, captivating atmosphere, and multi-device compatibility, 'Magical Lake' offers a comprehensive gaming experience beyond mere slot-spinning. It combines the thrill of gambling with the excitement of exploring a magical world, offering something for every type of player. Whether you're in it for the big wins or the enchanting journey, 'Magical Lake' delivers on all fronts. As MGA Games continues innovating and expanding its portfolio, the gaming community can look forward to more spellbinding adventures.

Technical Information: 

Technical Information

About MGA Games

MGA Games is a leader in the iGaming industry, known for developing high-quality, localized content for global operators. With over 150 titles and multiple awards, the company has firmly established itself as a reliable and innovative game provider. Its latest release, 'Magical Lake,' promises to add to its reputation for creating engaging and rewarding gaming experiences.

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