Crazy Coin Flip – All You Need to Know About this New Live Game Show by Evolution

Brett C. - July 1, 2022
Crazy coin flif live game show by Evolution

Crazy Coin Flip is the latest new game show released by Evolution. This tailor-made slot machine game features multiplier payouts & a live coin flip bonus round of play. Crazy Coin Flip Live is a fusion of Crazy Time Live with a Coin Flip Bonus. Let's take a look!

Introducing Crazy Coin Flip

The increasing popularity of live casino games goes without saying. Gaming enthusiasts continually search for the ideal fusion of online slots and live casino entertainment attractions. As one of the premier providers of live casino games, Evolution has introduced a novel, hybrid game - Crazy Coin Flip live. This game is truly one-of-a-kind, thanks to the final phase game where the game host appears on the screen.

Crazy Coin Flip fuses the best of RNG-powered (random number generator) slot machine games with the real-time appeal of live casino games. The result is a wild live dealer casino experience. As a live game with a real dealer, the action kicks off when the game host takes hold of the lever. The coin is flipped, and the winning side is determined.

Will it be blue or red? That's what Crazy Coin Flip is all about. Players must catch 3X Coin Flip symbols on the 5X3 reel slot game to qualify. Once you qualify with three Crazy Coin Flip symbols, a new round of play kicks in on a 3 x 3 grid format with multipliers. That's when the game show host starts interacting with audiences. A coin is placed on the game console, and the multipliers are announced.

How Does Crazy Coin Flip Work and How to Pay?

Getting started with Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution is a blast; it presents an entirely new format for online casino players. On the one hand, it marries RNG-powered slots games with all the excitement of a live game show. But on the other hand, players are tasked with racking up multipliers across different game phases. When done correctly, this sets players up for significant winning potential.

During the game's final phase in Crazy Coin Flip, multiplied payouts are added up and paid out. The game show host will flip a coin, and depending on which colour it lands – blue or red – different-sized payouts can be awarded. Of course, it's all up to lady luck; that determines player winnings.

Getting started with Crazy Coin Flip is a breeze. The game is juxtaposed against suspended blue and red discs on strings in the background. The action begins by selecting the appropriate bet size. Next, players are tasked with clicking the +/- buttons to increase/decrease the bet size, followed by the Green spin button. The 5X3 reel grid format features 15 symbols on the screen, including a combination of high and low-paying symbols.

These include 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, cherries, and bells. But the high-value symbols can really ramp up the winnings – 3X Crazy Coin Flip symbols. When at least three of these appear, the game enters a new phase of play where a Game Show Host takes over. During basic game mode, this slot machine game has a return to player (RTP) of 96.05%. There are 10 paylines in play at any time. Bets begin at as little as £0.10/€0.10, depending on the casino in question. The maximum bet is £50/€50 per spin.

Of course, players can also activate XXXtreme spins to boost their chances of winning during the bonus game. There are two options for this –

  • #1 guaranteed one scatter with 5X minimum bet per spin
  • #2 guaranteed scatters with a minimum 50x bet per spin

There are no guarantees that the XXXtreme spins will unlock the bonus game for players, but it does improve the chances.

What Makes Live Crazy Coin Flip Game Show Unique?

Crazy Coin Flip game show is unique owing to the Two Slot Rounds and the Live Bonus Round.

  • The Two Slot Rounds of Play

There are three unique game phases in Crazy Coin Flip. These include the Qualification Phase, Against the Clock Top Up Slot Phase, and the Live Coin Flip Bonus Round of play. During the introductory phase, players must qualify by racking up 3X Crazy Coin Flip scatter symbols. This ensures that players progress to the live part of the game.

When lady luck brings good fortune to players, these Crazy Coin Flip symbols are associated with multipliers. These remain locked in place for players during the Top-Up Phase of proceedings. However, during this round of play, players can ramp up the multipliers. This is done by collecting three coin symbols of the same colour (blue or red) in the middle row.

All multipliers that players land are added together and transferred over to the next round of play.

  • The Live Bonus Round of Play

Once the live game show host appears on screen, everything changes! During this Crazy Coin Flip Game phase, many more multipliers can be added to the player winning tally. This applies to the blue and red sides of the coin. The multipliers add to the player's total winnings, the top-up slots, and the qualifying rounds of play.

But the real excitement begins once the lever is pulled. During this stage of proceedings, the game show host flips the coin by depressing the lever. This is how the winning side of the coin is determined – either blue or red. Regardless of the lever pull's result, the multiplier emblazoned on the winning coin side really counts.

What Are the Big Prizes up for Grabs?

There are many prizes up for grabs in Crazy Coin Flip Live, chief among them the maximum payday of €500,000. This game by Evolution blends slots and live games, particularly the Crazy Coin Flip from the Crazy Time attraction. This RNG-powered game kicks into high gear when the scatters trigger the bonus game. Plenty of multipliers are incrementally added together during the three stages of the game. This can result in substantial payouts along the way. The size of the multiplier reflects on the blue or red coin that appears!

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