2023 Gambling Bill Receives Support from Ireland's Department of Justice

OCR Editor. - April 11, 2023
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In its 2023 Justice Plan, the Department of Justice in Ireland has expressed endorsement for advancing the Gambling Regulation Bill.

The 2023 Department of Justice Plan is a crucial piece of legislation that outlines Ireland's strategy for ensuring a fair and just society. It is the final plan in a series that sets out the objectives established in Ireland's 2021-23 statement of strategy. One of the key priorities in this plan is the Gambling Regulation Bill, presented in the 2022 edition of the Justice Plan. James Browne TD,

Ireland's Minister of State for Law Reform hailed the bill as a long-awaited milestone to ensure responsible regulation of the gambling sector in 21st-century Ireland.
The primary goal of the Gambling Regulation Bill is to establish a robust regulatory and licensing regime for the gambling industry in Ireland. If the bill is passed, it will create the Irish Gambling Regulatory Authority, or Údarás Rialála Cearrbhachais na hÉireann. This regulatory body will oversee all aspects of the gambling industry in Ireland, including the licensing and supervision of operators.

However, the bill's language suggests that all forms of promotional activity could be banned in Ireland, and operators will be prohibited from using free bets to entice players to gamble. These provisions aim to promote responsible gambling practices and protect vulnerable individuals from the harms associated with problem gambling.
In line with the 2023 Justice Plan, James Browne TD is committed to moving the Gambling Regulation Bill through Oireachtas, Ireland's national parliament. The plan is to establish the Irish Gambling Regulatory Authority as soon as possible to ensure the integrity and fairness of the Irish gambling industry.

According to the Department of Justice, it is fully committed to supporting the progress and implementation of the Gambling Regulation Bill in 2023. It has also pledged to support the establishment of the Irish Gambling Regulatory Authority and appointing its CEO designate. The primary goal is to create a comprehensive regulatory and licensing system for the gambling industry in Ireland.

As part of its commitment, the Department of Justice will provide management services to help establish the regulatory authority. These services will assist with the smooth and effective functioning of the authority, which will play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and fairness of the gambling sector in Ireland. The Department's support is a key step toward the successful enactment and commencement of the Gambling Regulation Bill, which stakeholders across the industry eagerly await.

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