Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners

Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners

The Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners is responsible for licensing land-based gaming and online gambling operators to include casino sites.

The Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners (IORC) is the national agency tasked with handling customs, excise, and taxation. In recent years, the IORC has been responsible for licensing gaming machines and online gambling operators.

Gaming Machine Licences

In Ireland, an operator must hold a Gaming Licence at every premise that allows access to gaming machines. Once licensed, each machine must clearly display the licence granted by the IORC.

There are two main categories to cover Gaming Licence and Gaming Machine Licences. In either case, licences are available to cover for either three months or else a full year, with no fixed period covered.

The IORC deems it an offence to use an Amusement Machine Permit instead of the appropriate gaming licence. Meanwhile, it is only possible to issues licences within the timeframe of the present Court Certificate.

Remote Bookmaking Licences

The IORC dictates that any business providing a remote betting service to Irish residents is obliged to hold a Remote Bookmaker’s Licence. There is a caveat, however, permitting some select operators to provide remote gambling services without an Irish licence.

According to the IORC, a Remote Bookmaker’s Licence is only compulsory if an operator accepts remote wagers and the total value eclipses either €250,000 or 10% of the annual turnover covered by the operator’s existing licence.

An initial Remote Bookmaker’s Licence costs €10,000 and covers the present two-year fixed term, with the renewal cost determined by turnover. Operators will also be liable to pay Betting Duty to Ireland.


Where can I find licensed Irish online casinos?

Online Casino Reports (OCR) provides a portal filled with reviews that are dedicated to reviewing online casinos with Irish licences.

What should I look for in a licensed Irish online casino?

Check that the site is operating under licence and with a fair approach to gaming. OCR’s Irish casino reviews can address both factors.

Who issues licences for Irish casino sites?

The Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners is the regulator responsible for issuing Irish online casino licences.

How can I find out if a casino is licensed in Ireland?

Casinos typically publish licensing information either along the bottom of the homepage or else in the terms and conditions. OCR discusses licensing in its online casino reviews.

Why do Irish online casino licences matter?

Licences are required to uphold legal standards and ensure that Irish casinos online will provide you with a safe and fair gaming service.

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