Ireland Gambling Facts

Ireland Gambling Facts

Legal facts on the current status of land-based and online gambling in Ireland. Have a read and get the full picture.

Gambling law

Ireland's main law regarding all types of gambling is the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956, an outdated rust-bucket that is ill-equipped to deal with the complexities of modern gambling. And here are a few reasons why.

According to the law:

  • Bingo is called Pongo
  • The currency referred to is outdated
  • The main issue is betting at fairs and carnivals

What is currently permitted?

  • Casinos as such are prohibited, although gambling inside private clubs is permitted, therefore most casinos masquerade as local clubs.
  • Sports Betting is legal in Ireland, although the bookie must pay 1% of his annual turnover to the government.
  • Slot machines are permitted under, although the owner must be licensed and each machine tagged.

Online gambling in Ireland:

Regarding online gambling, the Irish Casino Committee released a report in July 2008, which stated:

"In short, anyone in Ireland with access to the Internet can participate in remote gaming. This particular activity or provision of such gaming services/products online tends to be regulated inadequately if at all."

The report further admits that due to the international nature of online gambling, any prohibition is futile. Therefore, they warmly recommend that the Irish government legalise and regulate online gambling as soon as possible.

Watch this space!

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