Real Money Craps

Real Money Craps

Enjoy the classic game of craps for real money at these trustworthy, safe and reliable online casinos. Select one of the sites here to enjoy quality versions of craps online.

2021's Best Real Money Craps Casinos

Finding an Irish online casino where you can real-money craps shouldn’t have to be a chore. That’s why we’ve collected the best online casinos with a wide range of games, promotions, and betting options for you to explore. Discover what makes our recommended craps casinos so special.

Best Real Money Craps Casinos for Irish Players


Play Real Money Craps at Trusted Online Casinos

  • Every casino offers real money craps and is verified & safe.
  • All casinos are fully licenced and recommended by our experts.
  • Our recommended casinos offer multiple types of craps for real money play.
  • Fast & convenient cash-outs supported by multiple payment methods.


Real Money Craps Guide

Playing craps online is not as confusing as it may seem at first glance. In this handy guide, we’ll help you find the best resources on how to play and provide tips to make playing easier than ever. If you’re keen to play craps for free, we’ll give you access to the best online casinos on the market so that you can play with peace of mind.

Learn everything you need to know about the different types of craps games available, the odds of being a winner, and how we rate the best casinos on the market. 

Craps Resources

Are you ready to discover what types of craps games are available online for you to play? We’ve got the best range of craps guides so that you can learn more before you dive into the action. Take a look at our handy guides and find the perfect craps game to suit you and your playing style.


  1. Choose a trusted online casino – Ensure that you’re playing at a trusted and safe online casino for the best experience. Choose one of our licensed and secure casinos to play with peace of mind.

  2. Set a budget and stick to it – Always set a budget before you play casino games. Make sure that you are willing to lose the cash you’ve set aside and don’t chase down any losses that may occur. 

  3. Stick with pass line bets – If you’re new to the game of craps, stick to pass line bets as these offer the best house edge.

  4. Try a smart betting system – Betting systems like 3 Point Molly can help you balance out your bets for the best chance of winning.

  5. Learn the rules of etiquette – Whether playing at a land-based casino or while interacting with others via live dealer games, learn the simple etiquette rules of playing craps.

Free Craps

There’s no need to jump head first into craps if you’re new at the game. You can explore fun free options to test your skills and become more comfortable with how the game functions. Take a look at our list of online casinos where you can play for free before making your first real-money bet.

The Types and Variations of Craps

Craps may be a fairly straightforward casino game but there are actually a number of fun variations to try. From simplified versions of the game to exciting live casino games, the different craps variations offer different features such as a change in the number of dice being used. Take a look at which versions of the game are available to you.

Craps Odds

Depending on which version of Craps you choose to play, you’ll come across different odds and pay outs. The bet you place and where you choose to put your money will also affect your pay out odds.

Learning which bets work best for you and your pocket is very important. Many of the bets will give you odds of 1:1. Others, such as a single roll Snake Eyes bet, will give you odds of 30:1. 

Before you play, make sure that you’re comfortable with the various bets available, the house edge provided by different versions of the game, and how you can affect your game’s outcome.


How We Rate Casinos For Real Money Craps

We know that playing at an online casino you trust is very important. We agree and that’s why we thoroughly test and rate each of the casinos we recommend. You won’t have to fret about whether or not you can trust the casino you visit. Take a look at how we rate each of the sites we recommend and why you can play like a pro from your very first toss of the dice. 

Find out more about how we rate


Can I try craps for free in a real money casino? 

Many online casinos offer craps as an option for you to play for free. This will let you experience the game and everything it offers without having to spend any real money. It also means you can’t win real cash while playing.


Where can I play craps for real money?

We have a great selection of online casinos that we’ve reviewed, all of which offers craps as an option for you to play. There’s no need to miss out on the action when you’re playing at one of our recommended online casinos.


Can I play live craps for real money?

Yes! Evolution is one of the largest live dealer game creators that has craps as a real-money option. You can play craps as it’s streamed directly from a casino floor or studio.


Are online craps games rigged?

Craps is purely a game of chance. The roll of the dice and the outcome thereof is completely random. You can rest assured that craps online are no different.


Is craps a simple game to learn?

Yes. Learning how the betting options work while playing craps is the main objective. The betting options are limited and should be fairly easy to pick up for new players.


What is the easiest way to win when playing craps online?

The quickest way to win while playing craps is for the dice to land on 7 or 11. Thanks to using 2 different dice when rolling for a craps outcome, there are 36 different combinations available. There are six different ways to land the number 7 and two ways to land 11. By betting on these numbers, you can cover 8 out of the 36 possible outcomes, giving you a 22% chance of winning.


What are the payouts for craps like?

Depending on the casino you’re visiting and the type of bet you’ve placed, the pay outs will differ.



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