Online Slots

Online Slots

Slot machines are a casino staple, attracting the bulk of game play in the majority of gaming venues across the world.


Slots’ history is longer than what can be initially inferred, as it was first introduced to the United States prior the conclusion of the 19th century. Charles Fey was the San Francisco mechanic who invented the first machine, the Liberty Bell. The machine took that name due to it having the look of the cracked liberty bell and has three spinning wheels which bore the painted images of the heart, the diamond, and the spade around each wheel. The first machine can still be viewed at Reno Nevada and is a standing testimony as to how far the slot machine has advanced in the preceding century.

Slot machines was instantaneously popular, and it was in the year 1907 that Fey’s first real competitor in the person of arcade developer Herbert Mills from Chicago emerged. Just the same as Fey, some of innovations by Mills have passed the test of time. Mills is the person who to whom the use of fruit symbols like lemons, plums, and cherries are attributed.

Slots also advanced in terms of technology together with modern technology. The first wholly electronic machine which is called the “Money Honey” was first produced in 1963 by Bally. It allows slots to generate payouts sans assistance from the attendants. The first video-based slots called “Fortune Coin” was invented in 1974 by Walt Freely and it is the precursor to today’s online video slots which provides entertainment to hundreds of millions of online gambling enthusiasts around the world.

Online video slots are the forefront in the revolution of slots technology. The popularity of slots in countries like Australia, US, and UK from 1970s-1990s have ensured that these countries are well primed for the age of online gambling. With the spread of online casino games to all nooks and crannies of the world, slots are now one of the most widespread forms of gaming there is alongside table games, sports betting, and poker. Now we have the 243 winning combinations, multiplayer slots tournaments, and 3D slots available to us. These new forms of slots are the results of the use of technology in slots innovation which is surely creating new history in the world of slots on a daily basis.


Below is a list of key terminologies used in online slots:

Bet pertains to the value or the amount of the wager.

Bonus Feature refers to virtually any added bonus. The primary types includes Wilds and Free Spins.

Free Spins pertains to another feature which is now more common in online slots with a lot delivering 15 to 20 free spins in a single round.

Game feature pertains to the bonus round where players can bet their winnings on losing, quadrupling, tripling or doubling their accrued spins.

Jackpot pertains to the maximal winnings on a certain slot.

Max Bet pertains to the maximal number of coins that can be used per spin.

Payline pertains to the diagonal or straight lines across the reels to which the symbols must get lined up for a player to win. The total of the paylines differs from as low as five to as many as more than a hundred.

Progressive jackpot refers to the jackpot which initially starts with a minimum jackpot amount and successively increases until someone wins it.

Reels pertains to the rotating barrels where the symbols used in the slots are from the time the slots were first invented. The utmost and most rudimentary goal of the player is to ensure that the symbols on the reels should match up.

Scatters pertains to a payout that activates a win sans having to line up the symbols on the payline. Scatters typically triggers a bonus round.

Wilds refers to the symbol that stands-in the place of all other symbols to complete a combination that signifies a win.

Winning combinations pertains to the expanse of ways a player can win on online video slots. These days, winning combos can include hundreds up to thousands (in a few rare cases) of winning combinations.


The primary goal of any slot game online is to match up the symbols to the paylines but there are a myriad of ways to win the game which is why it is important that players must check the bonus features before going for any new slot. Due to the introduction of bonus games, scatters, wilds, and other features, online slots has various means to form a winning combination.

Due to the fact that slots are not made the same way, it is pertinent to know about the differences before embarking on playing slots. Below are the most primary of slots types that you will see at any casino online (but you need to keep in mind that slots come in all sorts of combinations these days):

3-reel slots are the types of slots which are based on the timeless, older slots and oftentimes has up to 5 paylines.

5-reel slots are the types of slots which are based on the flashier video slots which are a product of the electronic era. They usually have a multitude of varying features including bonus rounds.

Multiline slots are the types of slots which has more paylines than your common slot (example, 25, 30 paylines). They deliver more payouts but at more buy-in price.

Progressive slots are the types of slots which look alike to standard video slots but then, the jackpot in progressive slots keeps getting bigger until someone strikes it. Today, progressive slots usually include up to 4 synchronized running jackpots, and each can be struck in the bonus round.


Let us be clear on the fact that slots is random. I repeat it, it is random unlike poker and other games which requires skill in playing it. With that said, you should still remember that as a player, you need to make important strategic decisions which will increase your chances of winning and also having fun as at the same time.

It is best to pick a game that fits your tastes and budget before playing slots. See information about minimum bets, payout percentage, maximum bets, and information on the jackpots. Know first if the jackpots are progressive, how big they are and what are the possibilities of striking it. Arming yourself with these information would help you gauge which game best fits you and your budget. If you have a small budget, it is best and safer to pick a game with more regular payouts but if you have a big bankroll, then you can go for games which carries higher risks. With all that said, it is best to pick a game that best fits your likes, example, if you like Bond films, there are Bond slots games, if you are into Marvel Comics, there are Marvel slots games, etc.

Before going for a slots-playing career, you should look at the whole picture. Where can you acquire the premier and best promos in terms of value to enable you to fund style of playing? Which online casinos fits your spending habits and budget? All of the information you might need about the foremost slots providers regarding online casinos can be found on the OCR site.


  • Slots is based on luck! We cannot stop saying it though we are aware that we have already mentioned that fact. Slots are known for making people rich quite easily with simply a click. This is one game that does not need skills to win in it.
  • Make sure that you have placed the maximum bet for progressive jackpots to ensure that you would be entitled to claim a progressive jackpot in case you do hit it. It would be no fun to be in the position when you did strike the jackpot but cannot claim it due to the fact that you have not been able to bet the required number or value of coins.
  • New types of slots are all over the internet, hence trying out new types is not a problem. You can choose from multi-jackpot slots to cinematic slots to 3D slots. You will surely find a type that fits your taste if you take time to look for it, and in the event you cannot find a type of slot to your liking, it most probably will be invented soon enough.

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