Low Limit Craps

Play low limit craps, and enjoy the world's most thrilling casino game without breaking the bank!

Craps is one of the most popular casino table games, if not the most popular. It has been portrayed in countless television shows and movies, and the excitement of rolling those dice cannot be beat. The prevalence of low limit craps has made the game even more popular, as it opens it up to a wider audience. Minimum bets in low limit craps generally range between $3 and $5, though of course they can be more or less.

Low Limit Craps Casinos

Vegas-style casinos tend to offer low limit craps tables, as it is a great starting point for players just entering the world of table games. The high energy that goes hand-in-hand with a craps table makes the game irresistible to players, and they keep coming back for more, whether online or at land-based casinos. With its low pay-ins, low limit craps can be enjoyed by players of all different size bankrolls.

While land-based casinos undoubtedly offer a more social version of low limit craps, online casinos make the game infinitely more accessible. Players all over the world can access games with a very low minimum wager, and they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. When players play online as well, there is no need to tip the casino staff! And because the pay-ins are so low, players are generally able to extend their playtime by much longer, because even if they lose, their losses won't be monumental. And because the potential amount to be lost is less, players can feel more free to experiment with different kinds of bets and betting strategies.

Low potential losses are the obvious main benefit of low limit craps; on the flip side, the potential for high wins is also lower. But again, for those whose bankrolls do not allow such high bets, low limit craps is a wonderful option. Players can enjoy all the thrills that come along with Pass Line Bets and others bets without going into debt. Players should bear in mind, however, that in low limit craps, the odds on certain bets are lower than in standard craps. For example, in standard craps snake eyes usually pays out at odds of 3:1, but in low limit craps the payout may only be 2: 1.

In the grand scheme of things, the advantages of low limit craps far outweigh the disadvantages. But before choosing a casino to play at, players should make sure they understand craps strategies, house edge and betting options. In standard and low limit craps games, standard betting options include: come bets, don't come bets, pass bets, and don't pass bets.

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