High Limit Video Poker

Players can test their mettle when they play high limit video poker.

A contemporary invention, video poker has become one of the most popular skill-based games, both online and at traditional casinos. Of course, the game is not all based on skill; the element of luck does play a role, and that is what gives the game its exciting ups and downs! The goal of video poker is to get the best five-card hand possible, according to the hierarchy of poker hands. Players who have experience with poker and slot games are the most likely to do well when playing video poker.

High Limit Video Poker Casinos

High limit video poker comes along with many benefits, including VIP treatment, exclusive rewards and bigger payouts. Of course, there is always a flip side. In this case, players should take into consideration factors such as standard deviation (down-swings and upswings) and bankroll management practices. As in all high limit games, in order to win big, players need to bet big! And high limit video poker comes along with impressive pay tables with significantly larger rewards than standard video poker.

A good strategy that high-rollers can employ when playing high limit video poker is to keep track of their hourly wins and losses. There is a good formula that makes it possible to calculate with great accuracy what your bankroll should be. The formula is as follows: Your average bet size times the number of bets per hour. Then, that figure times the house edge. The result that you get should represent your expected losses per hour.

Here is an example: If you play 100 hands per hour, and each bet is $100 and the house edge is .5%, the formula would be as follows: 100 times $100, which equals 10,0000. Then, 10,000 times 0.5% , which equals 50.00. That means that $50 will be your hourly loss, give or take. By using this formula, you will be able to executive effective bankroll management, which gives you the best chances at winning!

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