High Limit Roulette

High limit roulette lets players play their favorite casino game for high stakes.

Roulette is a game with a long history of popularity; today, it is one of the most favored table games at land-based and online casinos. High limit roulette lets players take their game to the next level; with its high minimum wagering requirement, this game is perfect for players with large bankrolls who enjoy the risks and thrills of this classic casino game.

High Limit Roulette Casinos

While the term “high limit” is rather subjective, when referring to high limit roulette it generally means that minimum bets can range anywhere between $500 and $1000 (as opposed to low limit roulette, in which the minimum wagers generally range between $1 and $10). Players who choose to play high limit roulette generally have bankrolls that can survive the losses that inevitably come along with any game of chance.  

Playing high limit roulette means that players have the chance to win much larger payouts than in the standard game. Other benefits of this high roller game include greater personalized attention, higher credit lines, comps and VIP offers. Casinos offer these perks as incentives to keep their high rollers coming back for more; after all, the more money they spend means more money for the casino!

Players are more likely to find high limit roulette tables at the bigger and more well-known casinos, as they tend to have more physical space. Online, players are generally invited to play high limit roulette by invitation only. Playing high limit roulette online comes along with all sorts of perks as well, including comps, gifts, tickets to exclusive events and personal account managers.

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