High Limit Blackjack

High limit blackjack is not for the faint of heart, nor for those with shallow pockets.

High limit blackjack games are traditional blackjack games that offer players the opportunity to wager more - and thus the chance to win more. High limit blackjack is a game for high rollers, as both the minimum and maximum bets are higher than standard blackjack. Of course, this means that the stakes and the possibilities for winning are higher too!

High Limit Blackjack Casinos

At land-based casinos, high limit blackjack tables can be easily spotted, as they are generally cordoned off from other casino games. At these tables sit players who are competing for serious sums of money.

High limit blackjack can mean different things to different players; for example, infrequent players with a relatively small amount of money in their bank account might feel that $1 or $5 blackjack bets are high for them! On the other hand, players with million dollar bank accounts might think $1,000 blackjack bets nothing more than a few pennies. Players must decide for themselves what high limit blackjack means to them. As a general rule, if a player can afford to lose the minimum bet, he can afford to place bets at that level. If a player can’t afford to lose the minimum bet, he should look for a table with a lower minimum.

Another factor that players should consider before playing high limit blackjack is variance. This means that throughout a player’s turn at the table, he will have both ups and downs – sometimes winning and sometimes losing. A player needs to make sure that his bankroll can survive those down times. Therefore, a player should consider the standard deviation that takes place over the course of his playing. If he can afford to lose 20 to 30 hands at a high limit, then he can feel good about taking a seat at the exclusive table. If not, a player should consider taking a seat at a different table. Players should also keep in mind that blackjack pays out 3:2, which means that a $1,000 bet will pay out winnings of $1,500!

While playing high limit blackjack has its advantages, one of the disadvantages is that the casino will focus more attention on those players than on other players. This is because great sums of money are at stake, both for the players and for the casino.

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