High Limit Baccarat

High limit baccarat is the king of all high limit casino games.

Throughout history, baccarat has been known as a game for royalty and nobility; today, it carries with it the reputation as a game for high rollers. Since large sums of money are generally wagered in standard baccarat games, the high limit baccarat tables tend to be roped off in land-based casinos, conveying an air of exclusivity and glamour to all passers-by.

High Limit Baccarat Casinos

The appeal of the game can be personified by the James Bond character: debonair, dashing and sophisticated. And as baccarat is a game of luck, not skill, only the most daring high rollers choose to partake.

High limit baccarat, if you can imagine, has even higher stakes than regular baccarat. And because of the game’s reputation as the choice of high rollers, high limit baccarat has become the mark of truly high rollers today.

The goal of baccarat is to bet that either the player or the banker will get the number closest to nine. The house has the lowest edge in baccarat than in any other casino table game, and at land-based casinos, seats are generally reserved at high limit baccarat tables for players who are willing to risk exorbitant sums of money.

In order to make high limit baccarat a bit more accessible to a wider audience, the minimum wager is set at “only” $100. Each player can determine for his or herself what his high limit is, so long as it meets the minimum wagering requirement.

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